Exceptional water quality – with none of the problems of plastic

Exceptional water quality – with none of the problems of plastic

Bottled water has once again been the subject of recent negative headlines, after studies found that levels of plastic fibres in popular bottled water brands could be twice as high as those found in tap water. This is just the latest in a series of concerns that plastic water bottles are harmful for both the health of people and the environment, an issue highlighted by this year’s Earth Day, (April 22nd) which is dedicated to ending plastic pollution.

Last year, furniture fittings and architectural hardware specialist Häfele introduced the innovative GROHE Blue Home to its comprehensive range of taps, offering exceptional water quality, with none of the problems of plastic. This is the latest step from Häfele in its strategic partnership with GROHE, one of the world’s leading providers of sanitary fittings.

The GROHE Blue Home combines all the advantages of a high-end kitchen tap, including outstanding convenience and functionality, and a sophisticated water cooler, providing filtered still, lightly sparkling and sparkling water directly from the tap. The system’s dual flow spout and five-step filtration process give GROHE Blue Home water an unrivalled, pure taste, making it a viable, plastic-free alternative to bottled spring water.

Andrew Billingham, Sinks and Taps Product Manager, Häfele UK comments: “Earth Day is a great opportunity to bring conversations around sustainability to the fore, but it’s important that sustainable living is seen as a consistent consideration in future home design.

“Consumers are already becoming savvier about sustainability which is leading to increased demand for fittings that are built to last and that encourage sustainable living. Suppliers have a responsibility to cater to this and offer products that support conservation and environmental responsibility.

“The GROHE Blue Home is a great example of such a product; its superb quality and timeless design mean that it is built to last and it encourages more ecologically responsible behaviour by providing an alternative to bottled water.”

For more information about the GROHE Blue Home, please visit www.hafele.co.uk/grohe


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