Total Home Environment has been specified to provide specialist advice and provide an advanced mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) solution for a low energy house in Lincolnshire, designed to show maximum energy savings within a domestic property. The build has set out to evaluate the potential of next generation MVHR equipment, using the system as an experimental case study to demonstrate a number of ideas for energy efficiency for this three bedroom detached, individually designed house.

Directed by Philip Hobson, ‘High Rising’ is a test bed house for the level of self-sufficiency achieved using the Total Home climate system and a small amount of supplementary heat input from a small log-burning stove, three electric towel rails and an electrical resistance duct heater to maintain target temperatures. Commenting on the project, Philip Hobson said, “The research aims to bring savings and a much smarter use of energy inputs by monitoring the system’s output and adjusting the appliance for maximum efficiency. Total Home Environment have been tremendous to work with and we have developed a great relationship which I expect to continue.”

The combined Premium 2 and Vanvex appliances have been installed in the property to provide a complete air source heat pump and heat recovery ventilation system with domestic hot water. The Premium 2 unit combines heat recovery ventilation with heat pump technology to harness energy from outgoing air which achieves 95% “passive” heat recovery increasing to a 500% efficiency using the integrated exhaust air heat pump. The Vanvex extract ventilation heat pump is a dedicated, self-contained 285 litre air-to-water appliance that draws heat from under the roof tiles to provide 70% renewably-sourced domestic hot water.

The combination system was installed as the alignment of the building did not allow for significant south aspect solar gain or an opportunity for solar thermal or solar photovoltaic due to planning restrictions. Total Home Environment and Independent Advisor Bob Isherwood designed and installed the system, minimising flow resistance in the ducting and ensuring the total extract and supply air flowing through the system is balanced. The performance of the overall system will now be monitored for at least two years of occupancy. The integral heat pump within the heat recovery ventilation appliances means that planning permission is not required before installing a Total Home climate system. Further information and technical advice on the Total Home Environment climate system is available from Total Home Environment on 0845 260 0123, email info@totalhome.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.totalhome.co.uk

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