Fakro high pivot roof windows extend glazing area

The new FAKRO FYP-V U3 pro-Sky® high pivot roof window is of similar construction to a centre pivot window but with the axis of rotation in the top third of the frame.

With its increased height of up to 200cm and raised pivot point, the lower part of the sash effectively functions as a top hung window. The added height provides a larger glazing area without the need to increase width, use vertical combinations or non-standard rafter spacing. A 94x200cm window therefore has the same weight and glazing area as a standard 134x140cm, providing an overall U-value of 1.4 W/m²K.
Available in pine and PVC, the FYP-V utilises FAKRO’s patented topSafe® system and the V40P automatic air inlet which has an air flow rate of up to 48m³/hr. Suitable for pitches of 20°-65°, it can be used in modules with FAKRO solar panels and, like a centre pivot window, can be rotated (through 160°) for cleaning of the outer pane. The FDY-V U3 Duet pro-Sky high pivot roof window works on the same principle but with two sashes in a single frame. The upper sash opens in the same way as the FYP-V while the lower element is non-opening and has laminated internal glazing. The FDY-V comes in sizes up to 250cm in height.

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