Indesit launches MyTime dishwasher

Indesit launches MyTime dishwasher


Indesit, the major domestic appliance manufacturer that prides itself on developing products that make the busy family’s life easier, has launched the new MyTime dishwasher that boasts the fastest eco cycle on the market1.

The new Indesit DFG 26B1UK MyTime dishwasher’s eco cycle is 25 percent quicker than previous models, saving up to 52 minutes, and is the fastest on the market. The new dishwasher owes its speed to an enhanced drying process that reduces the cycle length down to 138 minutes for a full 13 place-setting load. Time management doesn’t stop here, as features such as the MyTime option is designed to reduce the time duration of any selected cycle.

The freestanding Indesit MyTime dishwasher features an efficient ‘A+’ energy rating alongside an 11 litre water consumption per cycle. Time management is the focus of the new Indesit dishwasher: the handy delay timer allows the user to load their dishes and start the cycle at a convenient time, while a time saving pool of cycles is designed to suit any size of load.

The Indesit MyTime DFG 26B1UK is the perfect time-saving solution for any busy family’s kitchen, and the addition of a dishwasher can help to reduce a home’s resource consumption and energy bills. Furthermore, the new dishwasher offers height adjustable top baskets, which can be easily moved even when fully loaded, in order to make space for large items such as baking trays. The dishwasher also features a high grade stainless steel interior liner for superb drying performance that’s hygienic as well as hard wearing.

Andrea Felicetti, Category Manager, Dishwashers, for Indesit, commented: “Many consumers are keen to use eco cycles available on many modern appliances, however, some families simply don’t have the time to spare to wait for them to complete, which is typically longer than a standard cycle. Indesit understands that the modern family is time-poor, and so has produced the new MyTime dishwasher with the shortest eco cycle on the market. Not only does the appliance encourage the consumer to use the most resource-efficient cycle, it saves them time too.”

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