Internationally acclaimed modern heating designs

Created by a pool of internationally renowned award winning designers

Created by a pool of internationally renowned award winning designers, the exclusive, state-of-the-art radiator designs at Iconic are exemplary of modern day classics. Marking extraordinary design and innovation, over 30 collections combine a host of intelligent features and iconic design for the contemporary home. Featuring curvaceous, statement shapes and sleek linear designs that permeate the entire range, the designs have been created through ultramodern yet thoughtful design processes.

Triarc by Paul Priestman

A revolutionary triangular shape created by using cutting edge tube bending technologies, Priestman presents a design with exceptional heat output. Suited to today’s modern bathroom schemes with its floating aesthetic, choose from 188 RAL colours and 9 special finishes that include Nickel Gloss, Metallic Black and Grey Aluminum.

Blade by Peter Rankin (pictured)

Inspired by the work of Italian artist Lucio Fontana, Blade towel rail and radiator combines contemporary luxury and distinctive finishes in an innovative form. As statement pieces become more prevalent in the home, Blade is an assertive design that complements any contemporary colour scheme with a choice of 25 RAL colours and 14 special finishes including brushed chrome and brushed gold.

SERIE T by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez

The multifunctional Serie T collection is an exclusive tailor-made radiator constructed from extruded aluminium with an excellent heat output and extremely low water content. The industrially inspired T-shaped cross section gives the radiator both its name and its flexibility, providing a multitude of variations to suit the latest environments.

Tuboni by Andrea Crosetta

Prized with the coveted ‘Baneo’ award, the organic loop design of Tuboni was devised as a simple, linear and clean-cut form where the proportions are the defining element. The basis of the Tuboni design is an elongated stadium shape made from a 60mm diameter tube with two sharp 180° bends. Tuboni represents the essence of Crosetta’s design philosophy; a harmonious combination of simplistic shapes and volumes that create emotion without compromising functionality.

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