It’s all about the space with the new Whirlpool Slimline dishwasher

It’s all about the space with the new Whirlpool Slimline dishwasher

Whirlpool, the world’s largest appliance manufacturer, has launched a new range of slimline dishwashers to make life easier for families who are tight on space in the kitchen. Taking care of up to ten place settings, with a fully flexible interior, the new Whirlpool slimline dishwasher may look small, but has a great deal to offer.

The new space saving appliances have been redesigned and now offer a new attractive design which is both stylish and practical. With 6th Sense® technology, the freestanding Whirlpool ADP 502, and its built-in sister, the ADG 522, are intuitive, easy to use and have been developed to improve the lives of users. Operating at only 43 dB(A), around the noise level of a babbling brook, the sound of the new top of the range Whirlpool slimline dishwasher will not disturb or disrupt your life, even in a small apartment or open plan living area.

ADG 522 open (2)The durable interior has been designed to use every inch of space available, increased by the fully adjustable upper rack by way of a lift-up system that is easy to use, even when fully loaded. There is also a foldable pan holder in the lower rack to enable pans to be placed vertically, saving on even more space and allowing users to customise the space according to their individual needs.

In addition to the standard cutlery basket, there is a third level, sliding cutlery tray above the top rack. Designed to hold additional cutlery, long utensils, knives or plastic lids, the clever design of the interior means that it will allow maximum flexibility. You even have the option to use the upper tray in place of the cutlery basket, freeing up space when or where you need it, and with flexible tines in the lower rack, there is space for even the largest of pans.

Whirlpool is well known for appliances that are intuitive, innovative and easy to use, and the new ADP 502 freestanding, and ADG 522 integrated dishwashers are no exception. Despite their compact size, there is no compromise on performance. Benefiting from innovative 6th Sense® technology, the new dishwashers automatically sense the type and size of the load and set the washing cycle accordingly, resulting in outstanding cleaning results, saving up to 40 per cent on water and time1.

Jennifer Spragg, Senior Brand Manager, Whirlpool, says: “The average home is getting ever smaller, and so Whirlpool has developed the new compact 45 cm dishwashers to have an impressive capacity, in order to meet the needs of the busy family. Small enough to fit in the space to hang a teatowel, there is no excuse for any of us not to have a dishwasher, saving personal time, energy and money while conserving our finite resources for a future generation.

“The addition of a Whirlpool slimline dishwasher offers enormous benefits.  Not only can you cut down on the amount of time you spend doing the dishes, but you can save water too. Using only nine litres of water per cycle, and with eight wash programmes, including an eco programme, a one hour wash and a special programme for fragile items, there is no doubt these small machines can be a big help to daily life in any home.


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