L’Antic Colonial teams up with A-cero to create Spirit II

Porcelanosa’s latest bathroom collection inspired by nature

L’Antic Colonial – Porcelanosa’s specialist in natural products – has teamed up with A-cero, the renowned architecture and design studio, to create Spirit II. Combining function with art, the new bathroom collection is inspired by nature, organic forms and the elements, and characterised by an interplay between straight lines and curves, and the textures and colours of natural stone and wood.

The collection features three distinctive units: Curvado with its irresistible visual appeal, Pie’s highly original trapezoidal shape, and the versatile Cajón that brings a light touch and feeling of dynamism. The right or leftward sloping units can be combined in varying ways to suit each particular setting. And there is a choice of veneer finish: Roble Intenso (brownish wood with dark veins) and Roble Ceniza (a greyish surface with contrasting black veins).

The washbasin is conspicuous for its vertical design and curved face. Available in dark marble or gloss limestone, it can be matched with units from the collection to infuse smaller bathrooms with a sense of visual harmony. And the straight-lined mirror, designed to stretch the washbasin upwards, comes in three different heights.

Made of natural stone, the new wall covering’s straight lines meet to create the effect of waves on the surface of the stone. The new mosaic – inspired by the concept of order and disorder – attempts to recreate the skyline of a city, taking advantage of the different volumes and dimensions of the sections that comprise it.

Whereas the Spirit II collection is characterised by a vertical design, the original Spirit series – launched last year – is created around the horizontal form. This collection is also available and includes a complementary range of furniture, sanitaryware, tiles and wooden flooring.

The architecture studio of A-cero was founded in 1996 in La Coruña, Spain, and is run by the highly respected duo, Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares. Since the beginning, it established a design philosophy of modern architecture inspired by the art world, especially sculpture, and employs some of the best contemporary architects and designers.



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