Legrand puts the wow factor into light switches

The world’s leading manufacturer of wiring devices

The world’s leading manufacturer of wiring devices, Legrand has put the wow factor in light switches by launching a product range that owes more to Apple and its iconic products than the traditional chunky white plastic switches and sockets that still adorn millions of homes across the UK.

Arteor, the company’s new wiring device and home automation range, combines cutting edge style with state-of-the-art technology in a fashion that is creating a real buzz amongst interior designers across the globe.

A unique bevelled profile gives the illusion that products are floating on the wall, and is reminiscent of flat-screen design. Meanwhile, revisions to the shape of the switch plate have led to the development of a round one that facilitates intuitive use.

The range also includes a host of new products including a 10inch multimedia touch screen and a universal dimmer that is capable of dimming all types of light sources, including compact fluorescent lamps and LEDs.

Arteor is initially being offered in 17 different finishes, ranging from simple white moulded products through to sophisticated and innovative materials such as woven metal, leather, tattoo, brushed steel and wood. The breadth of this choice is intended to ensure the range offers something for every area of any installation from high-end, high-profile locations such as modern living rooms and boardrooms through to more functional areas where products are less visible.

Mark Evans, Legrand’s marketing director in the UK said: “Arteor has everything in terms of looks, functionality and technical capability and we strongly believe it will lead to wiring devices becoming an acceptable and key element of any interior design scheme.”

Arteor was designed with an international outlook in order to satisfy global expectations, and has a similarly universal appeal due to the sheer scope of its functionality. From basic switches through to the most advanced home automation systems, it offers an incredible array of stand-alone and system functions that make it the ideal choice for virtually any kind of project, whether commercial or residential.

“Considerable time and effort has gone into delivering a range that truly demonstrates why we are the global leader in wiring devices,” continued Mark Evans. “Arteor combines hi-tech performance, elegance and ease of use and delivers what we feel will fast become an indispensable reference point in terms of product innovation and design.”

With a 19 per cent share of the global market, Legrand is the world leader in wiring devices. To find out more about Arteor and its other products and services call 0845 605 4333 or visit www.legrand.co.uk

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