New Whirlpool built-in fridge freezer

New built-in fridge freezer, the ART 872 A+ NF with 6TH SENSE ® technology

The current trend for open plan living, with the kitchen becoming the heart of the home and a living space, where the family not just prepares food but also eats, relaxes and socialises, has led to a greater appreciation of appliances that integrate seamlessly and blend into the living area. 

Whirlpool, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of major domestic appliances has responded to this trend with the addition of a new built-in fridge freezer, the ART 872 A+ NF with 6TH SENSE ® technology, which not only helps extend the life of food, but also reduces food waste and energy bills. 

This new ART 872 A+NF, A+ energy rated fridge freezer from Whirlpool wages war against food and energy waste. The new model incorporates Whirlpool’s core technology, patented 6TH SENSE® that detects temperature variances and restores it to the correct level five times faster, such as when loading the refrigerator after a weekly shop.  It creates the optimal environment for food preservation, reducing unnecessary food waste and making a difference to the planet by reducing living expenses. 

Additionally, 6TH SENSE® Fresh Control technology preserves food freshness up to four times longer than a conventional refrigerator¹ by maintaining humidity throughout the entire fridge and not in just one drawer.  6TH SENSE® Fresh Control constantly checks and maintains the refrigerator’s humidity between 70 to 85 per cent; unlike traditional models, which guarantee only 30 per cent.  Foods, such as fruit and vegetables, don’t dehydrate and their nutritional value, vitamins and anti-oxidants are all preserved for longer, resulting in less food wastage.  

The flexible internal space may be customised to suit daily and long-term needs. The interior has five safety glass shelves of which four are adjustable, and there are four generous door balconies.  While the new energy efficient LED lighting system affords better visibility and space management and reduced energy consumption too.

The new built in fridge freezer is an excellent showcase of the massive research Whirlpool continues to do in this crucially important area. Apart from prolonging food freshness, this attractive model has a great energy rating and plenty of storage space.

The ART 872 A+ NF has a generous total net capacity of 264 litres, comprising of 201 litres for the fridge and 63 litres for the freezer. 

Neil Austin, Trade Marketing Manager, Whirlpool UK says: “The refrigerator is the most frequently used appliance in the home.  With the kitchen becoming the heart of the home and a living space where the family spends most of their leisure time, it is important that all appliances fit seamlessly into a kitchen environment that reflects the consumer’s personal style and tastes. At the same time modern refrigeration appliances have to be powered by the latest technologies to ensure that food is kept as fresh as possible, and as efficiently and as long as possible.”

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