New Whirlpool stainless steel gas hob

Offers the best of gas and wok cooking

We are all cooking more at home and the hob has become an essential part of our kitchen. We want it to be efficient and flexible for our many cooking requirements, as well as fun to use. Also on the tick list, of course, is a product that will make a style statement and hopefully shine above the rest.

The new Whirlpool stainless steel gas hob, the GMA 9521/IX, is a real treat for keen cooks and gas aficionados in more ways than one. New market innovation has helped gas remain the favourite cooking fuel of most consumers for its cleanliness, flexibility and that eternal assurance of being able to see a live flame.

The impressive 860mm wide GMA 9521/IX is a powerful model with its five burners that include a four-crown wok burner. The wok burner adds a great dimension to the product with its ability to produce perfect stir fries and Asian influenced dishes. Fresh ingredients used in a wok burner stay fresh and retain most of their nutrients due to the speed at which they are cooked. Food cooked in this way has a distinctive bite to it that appeals to keen chefs and food connoisseurs.

The GMA 9521/IX’s burners are tastefully framed by substantial and durable pan supports, and the hob also includes a flame failure safety system, which cuts off the gas supply if the flame accidentally blows out.

Juliana Sado, Senior Brand Marketing Manager for Whirlpool says: “The Whirlpool GMA 9521/IX gas hob is a super choice as it offers speed, versatility and the great controllability of gas. The spacious, easy-to-clean surface and the many cooking options offered are greatly appealing to keen cooks and those who just love their food! This stylish model is an outstanding kitchen companion with many capabilities and has great consumer appeal.”

Key features and benefits of the Whirlpool GMA 9521/IX Gas Hob:

Powerful 860 mm stainless steel model 

Five burners including a four-crown wok burner

Four burners: front right 1kW; rear right 3 kW; middle burners both 1.65kW

Large 4kW wok burner to create theatre and drama when cooking Asian-influenced dishes

Three substantial and durable pan supports

Automatic ignition with flame failure safety system which cuts off the gas supply if the flame accidentally blows out

Dimensions: H 41x W 860 x D 510mm

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