Outdoor work efficiency boosted by latest tesa tape

Outdoor work efficiency boosted by latest tesa tape

Using the correct tools on construction sites and in building environments increases safety, ensures workspaces remain tidy, saves time on clean-up, reduces overall costs and ultimately improves final results. It is no surprise therefore that manufacturers of essential tools, such as adhesive tape, continue to refine and develop products aimed at providing the most efficient process possible.

tesa, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technical adhesive tapes and self-adhesive system solutions, not only understands that using the wrong tape can have expensive repercussions, but responds to the industry’s need for quality in all conditions, temperatures and environments. Consequently, the company has produced tesa 4621, a pressure sensitive adhesive tape based on a polyethylene layer reinforced with a polyester fabric.

More robust than most paper grades, this multipurpose, outdoor cloth tape is 130µm thick and provides high initial adhesion on various surfaces, but can also be re-positioned as required. Easy to write on, it is suitable as a repairing tape in most environments.

High adhesion is a necessity when applying tape in outdoor situations and often results in standard plastering tapes with PVC backing being used. However, this type of backing is often hard to tear, will stretch significantly and requires additional cutting devices. Designed specifically for use in manual work, tesa 4621 is easy to unwind and can be torn effortlessly by hand in both horizontal and vertical directions. Cloth reinforcement ensures wear and tear is minimal and tapes remain unbroken, resulting in a hassle-free removal process. This reinforced backing is more stable and unwinds gently without curling when torn from the roll.

In addition, whilst standard cloth tapes may work in application, they are limited in regard to outdoor sustainability. tesa 4621 offers a longer duration of protection outdoors as it is waterproof, UV resistant and removable up to 8 weeks – without leaving any unsightly residue. Green in colour, this tape is easy to spot so that nothing is left behind or wasted after use. It also retains an element of transparency so that surface structures remain visible through the tape.

These features make tesa 4621 ideal for use on construction sites where masking applications are required such as during painting facades, rendering and concrete work. It can also be used for joining plastic films and sheets.

Jeremy Smith, Trade Marketing Manager, tesa UK, says “A combination of waterproof functionality and tear-proof, reinforced backing results in a product that remains stable for a long time in all weathers. General Purpose masking tapes will be affected by sunlight after only a few hours and will leave residues on removal. tesa already offer a number of robust and UV resistant tapes, but tesa 4621 has been designed to be thinner and provide more conformability to surfaces. Its colour makes it very easy to identify and ensures nobody will forget to remove it after masking is finished”.

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