Home automation used to be a concept limited to the premium end of the market. It was common-place in expensive homes across the globe


Prodigy™ is the ideal home automation solution for housing developers. Mark Coombes of Crestron provides an essential guide to this new product range….

Home automation used to be a concept limited to the premium end of the market. It was common-place in expensive homes across the globe, with lifestyle benefits available only to those who had the income to invest in the latest technology. The world has changed and this is not the case anymore. Manufacturers, such as Crestron, have started to launch products aimed at the lower end of the market – the ‘entry level’ system – and these solutions are perfect for the property developer.

Today’s smarthome marketplace is changing because technology in all forms is becoming further entrenched in our home lives and interest in home automation is growing across the board. Attention is shifting to the more affordable end of the market because this is a huge, relatively untapped growth area, especially the developer market.

Prodigy™ is our new control solution that is aimed at bringing the benefits of Crestron technology to a wider audience. We know that in many minds, the name Crestron is associated with being successful at the top end of the market – we’ve got a 40 year track record to back us up after-all, and that maybe this success won’t translate. However, I prefer to think of it like this – most car manufacturers make a whole range of cars from luxury right through to a budget range. However, whichever model you buy, you are buying into the ethos and identity associated with the brand. That’s how I like to think of Prodigy: you buy a Crestron product, you buy our quality, performance, service and support – whatever your budget.

Prodigy™ range is an inexpensive control solution that doesn’t compromise. It is simple and affordable, aimed at the residential market, and has the level of control and scalability you’d expect from Crestron. Nobody can afford to ignore potential areas of growth and Prodigy gives housing developers the opportunity to expand their offering to homeowners.

Installation is quick, simple and straightforward: Prodigy products are designed to work together seamlessly, so there’s no system design or expensive installation. It’s a fast, reliable wireless solution which allows any home system to be set up quickly and easily, saving on-site time and money. This really is a control solution for every budget and it opens up a wealth of new opportunities for the housing developer. In essence, home automation is still in its infancy, Prodigy is the beginning of a whole new era. The building blocks are in place and it’s up to manufacturers and developers to make the best of the opportunity.



Home automation technology should simplify your life, not complicate it. Technology should protect you, entertain you, keep you comfortable and give you more free time for the things that really matter. But faced with the bewildering array of options, where should you go to simplify the process? Help is at hand through home automation specialists Crestron. The company specialises in delivering a Total Home Technology package to manage, integrate, and control, all the systems and technologies that keep homeowners comfortable, entertained and secure.

Total Home Technology from Crestron can streamline and simplify all the technology in your home, offering the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience. Crestron’s award-winning Total Home Technology solution eliminates the need to walk from room to room to adjust the lighting, temperature, security or audio visual components. Whether from an easy to use touchpanel, remote or customised keypad, total control of all your home automation elements is at your fingertips, wherever you are.

Home Cinema
Enjoy the ultimate home cinema experience as part of your Crestron Total Home Technology solution. Imagine tapping the “Start Movie” button on a touch panel in your lounge to automatically dim the lights, draw the curtains, then lower the screen and projector from the ceiling, while the movie you’ve selected from the DVD jukebox starts to play! And you can use the same touchpanel to adjust the room temperature – and see and hear your children via the Babysitting camera for your peace of mind. A Crestron system also offers you all the benefits of e-control, that is to say IP-based control through the web browser of any connected PC, so you can keep control even when you are away from home – it’s amazing what’s on offer! Talk to your chosen supplier for their advice on what options are available and what would work best for you and your family – not to mention your budget!

Multiroom Audio
Prodigy is the perfect introduction to Crestron’s Total Home Technology philosophy. Affordable and requiring little programming, the Prodigy range is an award-winning series of entry-level home entertainment products that combine outstanding performance with straight-from-the-box functionality and is ideal for those taking their first step into the world of multi-room audio and home entertainment.

Making Light Work…
Crestron’s Total Home Technology solutions offer integrated lighting automation and control. Essential to any home, Crestron’s family of lighting products include a variety of dimmer modules that allow dimming of a variety of lamp types for total flexibility in lighting design. Crestron lighting systems are programmable using Crestron’s award-winning software tools and complete control of the lighting solutions is effortless by using Crestron keypads and touch-panels.

Safe and Secure
The ability to control and monitor security is one of the most fundamental requirements of any home today. Crestron technology provides peace of mind by allowing you to monitor all surveillance cameras and motion detectors around your property. They also report any window or door left open, or arm/disarm an entire security system at once – or zone-by-zone – all with a single command.

Climate Control
Keep your home comfortable as part of Crestron’s Total Home Technology solution. Every room in your home is a unique environment, with its own special temperature and ventilation needs. Maintain the ideal climate separately for the bedroom, kitchen or garage. Even monitor your wine cellar (if you have one!), warm the spa, and ignite a romantic blaze in the fireplace. Crestron makes all this possible, thanks to the company’s high quality thermostats and temperature sensor solutions.

Realise your dream with Crestron
A key feature of today’s home automation extras is we want them to look the part; we all spend so much time and effort improving our homes and designing the interior décor we want, the last thing needed is to have to install a bulky and unattractive control panel more suited to the office boardroom than your living room! Crestron has spent a lot of effort in designing a range of attractive touch panels, like the sleek, new TPS-6X. With its high-end aesthetics, ergonomic design and the alluring contour of its tiltable docking base, the TPS-6X is the latest touchpanel of choice for the home.

Today’s dream homes require sophisticated new technology, along with the power to control it. You can rely on Crestron to provide you with the technology to realise your dreams, now and for the future.

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