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The Philips Pronto range, available exclusively in the UK from AWE Europe and its approved network of installers, provides house builders with a perfect way to add value to their developments.

The Philips Pronto range, available exclusively in the UK from AWE Europe and its approved network of installers, provides house builders with a perfect way to add value to their developments.

These products offer affordable two-way control for a wide range of audio, TV and other home electronics equipment, including Sonos multi-room audio systems, Apple TV, and Apple iTunes as well as lighting, security cameras and heating. AWE’s Pronto range is capable of achieving integrated operation of all these sub-systems and receiving feedback and information from them in a genuine two-way control process. 

Consisting of two single hand-held style controllers (TSU9300 and TSU9400), two tablet style panels (TSU9600 and TSU9800) and a new in-wall device (TSW9500), the Pronto range is renowned for its versatility, cutting edge design and reliability.

The high resolution touch screen user interface on each remote can be fully customised to align with the homeowners’ preferences, and the flush mounted display means that the screen is not recessed, but instead flows smoothly with the casing.  The four remote devices all feature wireless control, and the TSU9800 also offers wired network connectivity.

The TSU9300 is a fully customisable remote control which is slim in profile and features a stunning 2.8 inch QVGA colour touch screen to offer superb contrast. It offers a high level of functionality and complements any interior with its designer display and stunning geometric aluminium and black gloss finish.

Featuring the same graphical capabilities as its big brother, the TSU9400, the TSU9300 is designed for simple, single-handed operation. It can be totally customised with the user interface programmed to match homebuyer preferences. The software enables the control of multiple devices with a single touch as well as controlling hidden equipment and devices in other rooms.

Meanwhile, the Pronto TSU9600 features a class leading 3.7” colour VGA touch-screen and is ideal for both one-handed and two-handed control. It comes complete with a built-in stylus for precise user control whilst its rotary wheel enables easy multimedia scrolling alongside the conveniently placed hard buttons. The user interface can be matched to suit personal taste and there is a built in speaker for WAV sound file playback. 

All four Pronto hand-held and tablet devices can control equipment over IP, RS232 and IR. The IR learning range covers frequencies from 25kHz to 1MHz and, as well as IR output, the unit can send its commands via WiFi to a wireless IR extender via a direct WiFi connection or a separate wireless network. The remote can also receive feedback from RS-232 or IP controlled devices in real-time, providing advanced two-way functionality beyond just controlling home entertainment and automation systems to interacting with dynamic feedback.

Pronto’s recently launched TSW9500 in-wall control panel boasts a 3.5 inch QVGA touch screen with a sleek, modern design and a 100% customisable interface. It features five hard buttons that can be programmed freely based on the desires of the developer or homeowner. The TSW9500 is fully compatible with current Pronto control panels, and the RFX9400 and RFX9600 extenders. These extenders increase the range of transmission and enable the user to utilise advanced control of equipment hidden in cabinets or in other rooms.

The TSW9500 can be installed into any surface such as brick, plaster or drywall with a smart mounting mechanism and a separate wall box. Available in various front plate colours (white, ivory, black, silver and almond), it will fit in with any décor.

Another recent Pronto innovation is the ProntoTunes application. This brings two-way control and integration of Apple iTunes, Apple TV and Apple AirPort Express from anywhere in the home via a Philips Pronto control panel. To access and play digital media, users simply scroll through their library and play any of the available albums, artists, genres, playlists, movies, TV shows and more using the Pronto scroll wheel. The ProntoTunes application automatically discovers new media and instantly integrates it into the users’ media list. Cover art is displayed for the current playing file, whether it be music, movies or TV, and its SmartCache functionality stores large data, such as cover art, so users will not have to wait for it the next time they return to that selection. The robust integration of ProntoTunes supports a multitude of functions that portrays the familiar feel of an iPod, making it an easy transition for homeowners who are used to their iTunes control.

Using ground-breaking ProntoEdit Professional software, a Pronto controller can be quickly and cost-effectively programmed for diverse applications such as lighting control, HVAC control, multizone audio control, multimedia content browsing, security cameras and entertainment. The breadth of application is expanding rapidly with recent modules launched which allow the popular Sonos multi-room audio system to be brought quickly and easily under Pronto control. The range now also features an iPhone style user interface capability amongst a host of developments to improve Pronto functionality and the overall homeowner experience.

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Based in Epsom, Surrey, AWE Europe is the UK distributor to the custom installation trade for a wide range of high quality brands. These include the exclusive distribution of the Philips Pronto control solution, Panasonic CHT home theatre panels, media servers from DF Solutions, Philips Dynalite lighting control system, Denon video and audio products and also projectors from both Cineversum and Panasonic. Other CI distribution agreements include flat panel TV’s from Panasonic, Philips and Sharp, AV receivers, amplifiers, blu-ray players, DVD players from Arcam, Yamaha, Pioneer and Onkyo.  AWE is acknowledged as setting the standard in CI for customer service with award winning training, technical support and competitive pricing. The company is able to supply the vast majority of products nationwide ex-stock for next day delivery.

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