Renewable heating gets easier to install and use

Mitsubishi Electric has extended the award-winning Ecodan® range…

Mitsubishi Electric has extended the award-winning Ecodan® range of domestic air source heat pumps with a British-built water cylinder which will help cut installation time by 70 per cent, and a self-learning new controller which speeds up commissioning and eases operation.


The company is now manufacturing a stainless steel, 200 litre capacity tank at its Livingston facility, where the 8.5kW Ecodan unit is also made. The cylinder has been designed with quality and aesthetics in mind, with the factory able to step up production when required to meet the growing demand for renewable heating. 


“We have developed packaged systems that will make installation and commissioning even easier for heating engineers,” explains Max Halliwell, Technical Manager for the company’s domestic heating department. “We are also launching a simplified controller that makes using and operating the system easier for the homeowner.”


The ISO 14001/9001 certified cylinder is pre-wired and pre-plumbed, WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) Approved, and includes a 28.1kW heat exchanger capacity, expansion vessel, filter, booster and immersion heaters and an automatic flow switch.  


Mitsubishi Electric believes that the improved appearance of the tank, the easy connections at the top and the three-year manufacturer’s warranty will help maximise reliability and long term savings in running costs.


“With higher quality components and a lot of the function and reliability testing completed in the factory, heating engineers will be able to provide their customers with quicker, neater installations and less onsite problems,” explains Halliwell. “In addition to reducing the purchase costs and cutting down on install costs, the three-year warranty is unique for cylinders giving more reassurance to both installer and homeowner.”


In addition to the new cylinder, Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new control system which will be incorporated in all new products.  


The FTC-3 (Flow Temperature Control) unit is an easy to use, high-end graphical controller with self-learning room temperature control and different access levels for homeowner, installer and maintenance checks.  


“With our third generation of controller, we have taken the installation, commissioning and use of renewable heating to another level,” adds Halliwell. “Not only does this simplify the installation and speed up the commissioning for the engineer, it makes any maintenance easier and gives the homeowner tremendous control over their heating and hot water system.”


Ecodan has established itself as a market leader in renewable home heating and is ideal for both new build and retro-fit properties. The system will provide renewable, reliable heating and hot water all year round, whilst helping houses meet Levels 3 and 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. 


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