Is a roller door right for a coastal home?

Is a roller door right for a coastal home?

If you live by the coast, then you’ll understand just how powerful the full force of a winter by the sea can be. The wind, rain, and of course salt transported through the air by the sea breeze will weather the building materials that a house is constructed from and this is an important issue to consider when deciding on what garage door to specify for a property that is located near the coast. When it comes to garage doors, Garador offer GaraRoll roller garage doors, which is constructed from aluminium on the door curtain.

For house builders and developers constructing developments near the coastline, choosing a roller door is undoubtedly worth consideration. As the door curtain, constructed from 77mm high aluminium laths on Garador’s roller garage door do not rust. Even small developments within 3 miles of the coast are at risk of salt corrosion, which makes choosing a roller door that will last an important thing, as garage doors tend to have lots of metal parts and components.

In addition to its quality construction and premium materials, it is also secure with a mechanical stop between the top lath and spindle, which stops the door curtain from being lifted when it is in the closed position. It also has a spring assisted design and force limitation built into the operator. The spring-assisted design which incorporates two cables and two springs prevents the door from crashing down in the event of a spring or cable failure.

The GaraRoll is available in a choice of 11 colours and 2 timber effect finishes, and is supplied complete with an operator and two hand transmitters as standard. Check out for more information on Garador’s GaraRoll roller door.

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