SALUS unveils new Smart Radiator Control

SALUS unveils new Smart Radiator Control

SALUS continues to expand its Smart Home range of connected products with the addition of the iT600 Smart Radiator Control. This latest device enables users to precisely control their radiator room heating to the exact temperature and from wherever they may be.

Suitable for both retrofits as well as new installs, the battery-operated Smart Radiator Control features an electrical device that works to open and close the radiator valve to produce more accurate room heating. A thermostat with exact temperature settings in °C wirelessly controls the operation, and sited away from the radiator, it is able to monitor the actual ambient room temperature to ensure better accuracy.

Just one single smart thermostat can control several radiators in the same room or zone to maintain the desired room temperature and increase energy efficiency. Individual or grouped radiators can also be programmed independently of the main heating system schedule to turn on and off timed schedules when rooms are not being used, or when the temperature is at a certain level.

Furthermore, by connecting the Smart Radiator Control online through the SALUS Smart Home Hub, the user can control individual radiators from anywhere using a Smartphone, Tablet or PC via a simple app. Settings can be simply changed to avoid heating a home unnecessarily when away, whilst still ensuring that everything is comfortable before returning. Groups or individual radiators can also be turned off or adjusted simply and quickly without having to visit each radiator to manually alter a TRV.

Adding other SALUS Smart Home devices to the system provides even more options and flexibility. These include turning off radiators in a room where the window has been left open for five minutes, pressing a single button to remotely turn off all the radiators upstairs, and turning off all radiators except one when the user is unexpectedly out.

Dean Jepson, SALUS’ European Managing Director, comments: “This latest device provides superior radiator control. Whilst TRVs are effective, they can often be inaccurate as they have little bearing on the ambient temperature of the room as the temperature effect occurs right next to the radiator itself.”

Dean adds: “When combined with our Smart Home Hub, users can extend the flexibility of the Smart Radiator Control and also connect other devices such as door and window sensors, smart plugs, and a smart energy monitor, so that they link up and interact with each another to create a truly Smart Home.”

Installation of the Smart Radiator Control is simple, and the interface to the thermostat and Smart Home Hub is wireless, which means that no additional wiring is required. The SALUS Smart Home app also enables the user to quickly setup, configure and programme the system. The Smart Radiator Control is available from SALUS’ nationwide network of merchants and distributors.

A dedicated website is available to support the SALUS Smart Home system. Visit Alternatively, contact 01226 323961 for further information.

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