Save water with InSinkErator for World Water Day

Save water with InSinkErator for World Water Day

Replace the kettle with an instant steaming hot water tap from InSinkErator®, the global leader and inventor of food waste disposers, and a major player in the steaming hot water tap market, in time for this year’s International World Water Day.

The annual International World Water Day, held on March 22nd, advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. The average household uses a total of almost 350 litres of water each day, with 95 per cent of households boiling the kettle every day. Many households habitually over-fill their kettles due to increasingly large capacities and inaccurate water level indicators; inevitably wasting water as well as electricity.

As a result of this, gallons of water are wasted every year. An answer to the problem of water wasted in the kitchen is the InSinkErator® 3N1 steaming hot water tap. By producing instant steaming hot water, the 3N1 steaming hot water tap saves water by producing the exact amount of steaming hot water you need, avoiding the habit of over-filling the kettle.

Additionally, the InSinkErator® steaming hot water tap is 20 per cent more energy efficient than a kettle, is space saving and provides clever ways to simplify cooking and save time in the kitchen.  It can be used for a whole host of other uses, such as boiling eggs, preparing rice, creating soups and rehydrating dried food.

The range of InSinkErator® steaming hot water taps, which includes four striking colour options, as well as the more traditional finishes of brushed stainless steel and polished chrome, is ever evolving to meet the multitude of needs and demands of 21st century life.

Linda Phoutthasak, Marketing Manager, Europe and Russia for InSinkErator®, says: “A steaming hot water tap eliminates the need for both a kettle and standard hot and cold tap by combining them together. The InSinkErator® 3N1 tap offers genuine lifestyle benefits by reducing water wastage used for countless tasks in the kitchen.

“Not only does the InSinkErator® 3N1 steaming hot water tap benefit the busy homeowner in terms of functionality and convenience, it also comes in a quality design and a range of attractive finishes and colours to suit many different tastes.”

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