Simple Scandinavian flooring for underfloor heating by Roger Hyde

Simple Scandinavian flooring for underfloor heating by Roger Hyde

Following considerable research, Pur Natur got the attention of Roger Hyde Limited. Their personal approach, together with the highest quality flooring makes for an excellent combination.

“Scandinavian design is as popular as ever, and Pur Natur brings this to life”, says James Hyde, Managing Director of Roger Hyde Limited. With a number of projects now completed, Roger Hyde Limited is happy to recommend Pur Natur.

When assessing wide plank installations, Roger Hyde Limited recommends that the following Pur Natur attributes are considered:

  • Exceptional quality Black Forest Douglas Fir.
  • PEFC environmentally accredited.
  • Engineered planks with very little expansion and contraction.
  • Wide planks 450mm and long planks up to 9 metres.
  • Works over underfloor heating.
  • Personal approach from the manufacturer.
  • Both Commercial and Residential uses.
  • Supplied unfinished so a bespoke finish is applied on-site.

James Hyde says, “Installing a new wood floor over underfloor heating needn’t be difficult, but considerations must be made to ensure that you get the beautiful wood floor you want.” These include:

  1. Good planning, design and timings
  2. Pre-installation site conditions
  3. Installation
  4. Post installation site conditions and protection
  5. Follow underfloor heating guidelines

James continues, “installing Pur Natur over underfloor heating is made easier, because the engineered planks mean that there is very little expansion and contraction as the seasons change, ensuring you enjoy ‘living’ with your floor for many years to come.”

Roger Hyde Limited has published a video: where their Contracts Manager, Matt Knight, discusses how to achieve a successful wood floor installation with underfloor heating.

Since 1968, Roger Hyde Limited has provided maintenance advice and how end users can ensure that the life of their floor is prolonged.

To get in touch to discuss a Pur Natur installation and bespoke samples, call 01787 463348 or email

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