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It is no secret that knocking down old buildings and constructing new ones…

It is no secret that knocking down old buildings and constructing new ones in their place is the cheaper and faster option. But the historical value of older buildings – be it a grand Edwardian mansion or a red-brick Victorian railway cottage – is still an important consideration for some developers who opt for refurbishment.

Their challenge however is to bring them into the 21st Century without jeopardising the period features that make them worth keeping in the first place.

Companies specialising in the installation of the latest entertainment and automation represent the very best in modern technology. However, this doesn’t mean that they can only enhance the very best in modern builds. In fact, an experienced custom installer should be able to seamlessly integrate new technology into a period property without jeopardising the traditional aesthetics.

Over the last five years the cost of home technology hardware and software has reduced significantly, whilst the level of it capability and sophistication has increased. New systems are now easier to use and, most importantly, more aesthetically pleasing. A selective upgrade for a period refurbishment could therefore include a brand new cinema room with a screen that appears/disappears seamlessly out of the ceiling leaving the original oak-paneled living room un-spoilt when it’s not required. Or perhaps a new system throughout the entire property with the installation of a new Control4 system for music and TV control which is completely hidden apart form a very discrete control pad.

When choosing their supplier, developers therefore need to ensure they work with someone who can offer the latest technology yet understands that it needs to fit sympathetically with its surroundings. This could mean working with the carpenter to create bespoke furniture to hide cabling, or carefully selecting the most appropriate products such as brick-coloured CCTV cameras or flat satellite dishes that blend into the roof tiles.

Peter Worthy, Managing Director at Smarthomes, understands that home buyers/owners may want the latest technology but may not want to compromise on the style of home they live in. Having implemented award-wining systems for over ten years, Smarthomes is now establishing itself as the expert in its field. Smarthomes is a privately owned company specialising in custom installation of entertainment, technology and automation. They bring a wealth of knowledge to any project, helping builders, developers and architects bring any development up to date.

Peter says: “It’s all about creating the new functional quality that is expected by buyers, yet is compatible with the historic period of the property. Our experience and the technology we use enables us to bring any build into the 21st Century, regardless of its age or style, and our comprehensive consultation and design service enables us to create the custom-installation that fits your project seamlessly.

Although the majority of our projects are new-builds where we can start to think about installing the technology from planning stage and the modern products match the surroundings, approximately 15% of our projects involve working sympathetically with refurbishments to install new technology in a discrete way that doesn’t interfere with the overall period features. It’s all about working with what you have in the best way possible to achieve the finish people want”.

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