Soak away stress in a soaking tub

Soaking tubs from Burlington Bathrooms are custom made for a relaxing wallow

There’s nothing quite as pleasurable as a long lounge in a deep, comfortable bath – in fact doctors recommend a soak with candlelight and music as a stress buster and as a soothing treatment for anyone suffering from arthritis or joint injuries.

Soaking tubs from Burlington Bathrooms are custom made for a relaxing wallow. The latest baths to join the collection are the London round and rectangular models. London Round and London Rectangle both measure 1800mm long by 850mm wide and have an attractive deep rim. The baths can be used with floor or wall mounted fillers. 

London Round takes 270 litres and weighs 45kg while London Rectangle takes 290 litres and weighs 50kg. Both baths are acrylic so water stays warmer longer and the surface cannot be damaged by cleaners containing bleach.

“A freestanding bath is an outstanding focal point feature in any bathroom,” commented Faye Rainey, Marketing Manager for Burlington. ”Freestanding baths also help to give an illusion of space as they don’t visually occupy as much floor area as a built in model. London is a style that can be successfully combined with both traditional or contemporary sanitaryware – and what’s nicer than a lovely soak in a big, comfortable bath after a tough day at work or with the family.”

Burlington is the leading brand of technologically advanced, period styled bathroom ware.  The brand is available to the trade through Barwicks, N Froy and Sons, Smiths Britten and Claygate distributors nationwide and CM Marketing in Ireland.  Burlington is part of the international Bathroom Brands Group.

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