Stay cool with space-saving, energy-saving, money-saving air conditioning for the home and office

A new type of domestic air conditioning is helping home…

A new type of domestic air conditioning is helping home and office owners reduce bills, save energy and prevent dust and bacteria causing health problems.

EcoAir has become a leading UK supplier of portable heat pump air conditioning which is one of the most energy efficient ways to cool and also heat homes and offices.

The introduction of these types of air conditioning units, using heat pumps, is relatively new and good news for those who want a smaller, simpler way of heating or cooling the home or office as they are three times as energy efficient as gas and electric central heating.

Heat pumps operate in a completely different way by extracting heat from one location and transferring it where it is required. Put simply, they work like a reversible refrigerator taking heat from one place and pumping it into another.

EcoAir’s portable heat pump air conditioning range can cost up to 50% less to run than traditional heating systems so as well as being energy efficient, with no harmful CO2 emissions, the units are cheap and quiet to run and include filters to remove dust and bacteria from the air. In addition, they are space-saving and can easily be moved to wherever they are needed.

Sally Fok, marketing director for London-based EcoAir said: “Many people don’t realise that an air conditioning system heats as well as cools a room. By using this type of heat pump system you’ll be able to provide more heat in a room than the energy it consumes so it’s a much more cost effective way of heating than conventional radiators or heaters. They’re also small enough to be discreet and easily moved from room to room, when needed.”

Prices start from £299 and the units are available from

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