Teka cleans up with self-cleaning eco oven

Teka UK has launched HydroClean a unique eco-cleaning system

Teka UK has launched HydroClean®, a unique eco-cleaning system, across a range of its Ethos HL single ovens. The most advanced self-cleaning oven technology currently available, the patented new HydroClean® technology uses an incredible 98% less energy than pyrolytic oven-cleaning methods.

A true eco-friendly method of self-oven cleaning, Teka’s HydroClean® programme takes just 24 minutes to run – 86% less time than the pyrolytic technique, and operates at a mere 60˚C (as oppose to approximately 480˚C). Simply pour a glass of water into a small well within the oven and after just four minutes of actual warming time followed by 20 minutes of cooling will completely clean the oven cavity. The process lifts grease and dirt particles from the oven surface which are then easily removed with a damp cloth leaving the oven perfectly clean. 

Operating at such a low temperature and short duration means HydroClean® is also safer and without the often associated odours that accompany lengthy, high temperature pyrolytic cleaning methods.

Explained Tim Spann, Brand Trading Manager at Teka UK: “With energy savings now high on the consumer wish-list, the HydroClean® eco system by Teka presents the kitchen specialist with the perfect selling tool to help boost oven sales. With a total energy consumption of just 76W as well as a programme duration of 20 minutes, compared to the pyrolysis method which comes in at 4,382W, and up to five hours, and the benefits are clear to see.”

A range of standard, compact and large capacity single ovens from Teka UK now feature the innovative self-cleaning technology which is made up of the special HydroClean® enamel that is applied during the manufacturing process to both the oven cavity and the baking trays within the oven.                                                          

The micro structure of this enamel has been developed to mimic the make-up of the lotus plant leaf which is renowned for its self-cleaning properties. Known as the ‘lotus effect’, what this means in nature is that water forms in to droplets on the tips of the epidermal protrusions where it then collects pollutants, dirt and insects as it rolls off the leaf. Teka’s HydroClean® system uses this same principle due to its intelligent design structure. 

Combined with a wide range of further benefits and hi-tech features, such as multi-functional settings, fingerprint-proof stainless steel, the Teka ‘Cool Touch’ system, telescopic tray guides, A-energy ratings and a five-year parts and labour warranty,  the new HydroClean® collection is a must for the specialist kitchen and appliance dealer.


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