Velfac is an established brand leader

Velfac windows can be tailor-made to meet your exact requirements

Velfac is an established brand leader manufacturing composite windows using tough powder-coated aluminium for the exterior sashes, and natural lacquered wood for the inside frames, to provide a warm, natural feel.  

This design means the sash is fully drained and ventilated resulting in a long life. VELFAC purchases wood from well-managed forests in Scandinavia where planting exceeds cutting. Aluminium is produced using hydroelectricity and 50% is recycled, which uses only 5% of the energy required in the original process.

The main cause of a window’s ENERGY CONSUMPTION – more than 90% – is due to heat loss during service lifetime. Where a VELFAC window incorporates super low-energy glass, the glazing cavity is filled with a non-toxic, inert gas (argon) obtained from the atmosphere.  A thin low-emission coating is applied to the inner surface of the pane.  This minimises heat loss, while allowing daylight and solar heat to enter the interior. Recycled aluminium now makes up a large proportion (currently 50%) of total European production.
All VELFAC windows are virtually maintenance free, only requiring regular cleaning and oiling of the hinges and handles once a year. And the beauty is, once your windows are installed, you will not have to paint or replace them during their working lifetime.

The clean, crisp sightlines of VELFAC windows are aesthetic and efficient because the slim line frames are designed to enable significantly more natural daylight than other brands of double-glazed windows, giving your home a feeling of space and serenity.

Security is one of the main criteria when choosing windows, so VELFAC windows are internally glazed, which means the glass cannot be removed from the outside, whilst the aluminium sash is designed to withstand even the most determined criminal. A choice of handles and locks can further reinforce security and all these features on VELFAC windows meet British standards for window security.

Velfac windows can be tailor-made to meet your exact requirements, from size and colour, down to style and finish of handles.  Manufactured to the highest specification and designed to last a minimum of 40 years, all windows are comprehensively guaranteed for 12 years.

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