Viewers tune into Dimplex storage heaters

Thousands of storage heater users have ‘tuned in’ to a series of easy to follow on-line video guides created by Dimplex which explain how to operate the heaters for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Available via links from the Dimplex website and on the video broadcast channel YouTube which attracts over two billion views per day, the user guide videos combine animations, friendly narration and subtitles, to provide short and simple, step by step guides which are ideal for tenants and all types of domestic end users.

 The most popular storage heater ranges feature in three video guides, with troubleshooting tips and an explanation of the best ways to set the controls.  There is also a general guide to storage heaters which explains how they work, the benefits of heating as well as easy ways for users to identify which model they have.

“We recognise that not everyone will read their storage heater operating instruction leaflets and sometimes, especially in the case of rented accommodation, the operating instructions will not be left in the property when a new tenant takes over,” explains Karen Trewick, marketing communications manager.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for people to access clear and simple operating instructions. These new videos do just that, they’ve had thousands of views so far and we’ve had really positive feedback. They are also designed to help landlords and those in the trade as tenants and end users can be directed to the videos, helping to minimise the need for call-backs and site visits,” she says.

The videos are part of the Dimplex customer services support programme which also includes brochures, installer guides as well as downloadable pdf user guide instructions from the website, in addition to the extensive range of literature.

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