Whirlpool offers the solution to autumn washing blues

Whirlpool offers the solution to autumn washing blues

Autumn: the beauty of golden leaves and deep orange sunsets, falling conkers and hearty dinners, not to mention the joy of being snuggled up in soft woollen sweaters and scarves. It’s a beautiful image, but the reality of autumn invariably includes low temperatures, biting wind and rain. The chances of getting woollen jumpers dried on the line sadly dwindle rapidly from September onwards, leaving homes looking like a Chinese laundry.

Whirlpool’s new Supreme Care tumble dryers have the solution to autumn wash day blues. Featuring WoolExcellence, the best wool drying programme on the market1, Whirlpool dryers have the technology to gently and carefully dry up to four jumpers in just one hour. With Whirlpool’s SoftMove® technology, the dryer will handle woollens with exceptional care, delivering all the gentleness required to maintain their silky softness.

All Supreme Care tumble dryers operate using heat pump technology, guaranteeing excellent energy efficiency, and the Premium Supreme Care dryers even boast a superb A++ rating. A 10kg capacity means even more clothes can be dried in one go without the worry of cost or a burden to the environment. Expert 3DryTechnology® dries very gently and evenly, as three-dimensional air jets ensure perfectly directed warm air for energy efficient drying.

Whirlpool’s 6th Sense® ‘jewel’, push and turn central control dial, offers a guided user interface for exceptional ease of use. Designed to deliver stress-free and intuitive interaction, the smart technology also monitors and adapts the temperature and humidity inside the drum automatically, providing the softest drying results, while also offering savings on energy and time.

Thanks to Whirlpool’s patented SteamCare® system, which is incorporated into all the Supreme Care dryers, garments can also be simply refreshed and wrinkles released. Rather than washing them again, all that is needed to freshen up the winter wardrobe is to place the special accessory in the drum and garments are refreshed in less than 30 minutes.

Jennifer Spragg, Senior Brand Manager for Whirlpool says: “Pairing neatly with the Supreme Care washing machines, our latest innovative tumble dryers boast a modern, high-end aesthetic and are packed with cutting-edge technology that will guarantee the best care on the market¹ for woollen garments.

“With Whirlpool, gone are the days of the tumble dryer being a power monster. Fitted with energy efficient heat pump, the A++ rating for our Premium range of tumble dryers is totally in keeping with today’s informed lifestyle, with an emphasis on lowering power consumption, reducing household spending alongside an increasing need for supreme garment care.”

Key features and benefits of the Whirlpool HSCX 10443 Supreme Care tumble dryer:

  • The number one for drying wool1   – WoolExcellence® drying programme dries woollens delicately and efficiently
  • New noise reduction design, resulting in very quiet operation at just 65 dB(A)
  • Guarantees drying up to four, tumble dryable woollens, ready to wear in just one hour
  • Modern flush Absolute design, with 6th Sense® backlit white LED central control for intuitive and ease of use
  • Extra -large 10kg capacity for drying larger loads, reduces creasing and tangling
  • SoftMove® technology customises the drum movement and drying temperature to suit the particular fabrics within the machine
  • 6th Sense® InfiniteCare® technology monitors and adapts the temperature and humidity inside the drum automatically, providing softest drying results
  • 3DryTechnology® offering ideal fabric care with multiple flows of warm air that delicately dry your laundry
  • Patented steam system, Steam Care®, for gentle, hygienic drying that freshens fabrics and simplifies ironing
  • Premium user interface uses 6th Sense® jewel with modern LED display and easy to use touch controls, providing a smooth, effortless user experience
  • A++ energy rating permitting low running costs, featuring heat pump, to guarantee maximum energy efficiency
  • All the models boast complete design symmetry with the washing machines
  • Stacking arrangement available via kit
  • Three year parts and labour guarantee
  • Dimensions: H x W x D: 845 x 596 x 659 mm

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