Remote-controlled blinds will become the norm in UK households

Remote-controlled blinds will become the norm in UK households

2017 is going to be the year when remote controlled blinds really take off. In fact, made to measure blinds supplier Style Studio predicts within three years’ time opening and closing blinds will be like operating TVs. When was the last time you got up and turned the telly channel over?

It’s hardly surprising as we increasingly embrace technology in our daily lives.  More than 76%* of Brits now own a Smartphone and because it’s becoming more affordable and easy to use, automation is tipped to become mainstream in the home too.

Style Studio’s new user-friendly remote-control roller blind system, Powershade, is an automated system designed especially for roller blinds – one of the UK’s most popular type of window blind.  Available on a choice of over 460 fabrics from Style Studio’s NEW roller blind and Mirage blinds collections, Powershade operated blinds are easily controlled via remote control, providing homeowners with stylish window dressings that open and close at the touch of a button.

Suitable for anyone, the system is particularly ideal for people with disabilities, the elderly and the thousands of homeowners who find it difficult to reach or access blind operating cords to close them. With the option of one channel or five channel remote, those lucky enough to have lots of blinds in a conservatory or large room –blinds can be grouped to lower and raise together without lifting a finger. Well maybe just one finger.

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