Advancements in Smart Home that will give developers the edge

Advancements in Smart Home that will give developers the edge

While smart home has been around for many years the cost has confined it to high end developments, as developers have found that the expense of smart home features has outweighed the uplift in asking prices.

However, with advancements in technology and a huge number of new smart home product manufacturers emerging, the next 2 years will continue to see the exponential rise in the uptake of smart home both by consumers and developers.

How the Market leaders will benefit

Many development companies are now bringing smart home into their developments, as they are aware that it is becoming an integral part of life for many people and consumers are more influenced to make purchasing decisions based on smart home features than ever before.

The early adopters will have a significant edge on selling their properties, by demonstrating the wow factor of smart home to potential buyers.

What Smart home can do

For those who have not come across the smart home concept, here is an overview of some of the key features of smart home developments:

Smart lighting – At a basic level this can allow lighting to be remotely controlled from smart phones, however the best smart lighting systems allow the user to use lighting colours and tones to enable the altering of mood within their home, it is an outstanding interior design feature. It also allows lighting to be fully automated, on timers and sensors, and can also be linked up to voice control. The security of timed lighting is also a big selling point.

Smart heating – Again this can be controlled remotely from smart phone, but geo location technology is what gives smart heating its huge energy saving advantage over standard heating systems. This allows the heating to be switched off automatically the moment the occupant leaves home, this is controlled based on the location of their smart phone

Smart security systems – Smart Alarm systems can now be set up to automatically arm and disarm based on the location of the occupant. They can send notifications to phones, and they can make smart lights strobe when activated

Additional appliances and accessories – There is now a wealth of appliances and accessories you can get for any property to make the home smart, from voice activated TV and audio, to smart power sockets, to kitchen appliances.

What are the key benefits

Selling a new property that includes a smart home element can give your development a considerable edge over your standard “dumb” home. This means that there is considerable potential for higher revenue and faster sales. Many development companies also pride themselves on being market leaders, or environmentally friendly. Smart home will provide both these key aspects.

How would you go about implementing smart home?

Implementation of smart home into a development is more straight forward than most think, and there are 2 possible options, either you go with wired equipment or you use the wireless retro fit equipment, this means it does not matter what stage you are at with your development there is an option for you. You would need a smart home specialist company to support you with the planning and installation, like Smartn, who are able to supply, install and configure equipment within developments.

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