Whirlpool dishwashers awarded Quiet Mark accreditation

Whirlpool dishwashers awarded Quiet Mark accreditation

Whirlpool has gained the coveted Quiet Mark accreditation for two of its SupremeClean dishwashers; the freestanding model (WFC 3C24 P) and the fully-integrated model (WIO 3O33 DEL).

The Quiet Mark is awarded to manufacturers who incorporate ‘quiet’ into their designs, meaning consumers can get on with life, undisturbed by the sound of their appliances.

Quiet Mark is associated with the Noise Abatement Society (NAS) and works with organisations to encourage manufacturing of products that promote noise reduction, in addition to driving awareness of noise related issues.

Research carried out by Quiet Mark highlighted that 76 per cent of UK consumers desire quieter appliances and that 62 per cent of those surveyed indicated that noisy household appliances had a negative impact on their home life.

Washing and drying-up dishes after mealtimes is noisy by definition, however a dishwasher can solve the problem. Operating at only 43 dB(A), around the noise level of a babbling brook, and benefiting from a specialised Silent programme, the sound of the Whirlpool Quiet Mark accredited dishwasherswill not disturb or disrupt consumers’ lives, even in an apartment or in an open-plan living area.

The super quiet dishwashers also benefit from Whirlpool’s 6th SENSE PowerClean Pro technology. 6th SENSE PowerClean Pro technology from Whirlpool ensures outstanding cleaning results on the toughest dried-on food, without the need to pre-scrub or pre-soak dishes.

PowerClean Pro features special high pressure jets at the back of the dishwasher to remove burnt-on food. What’s more, 6th SENSE technology senses the level of soiling and automatically adjusts the wash cycle and pressure, saving up to 50% on energy, water and time.

Whirlpool Supreme Care washing machines, 10 kg capacity (FSCR 10432) and 9 kg capacity (FSCR 90430), also carry the Quiet Mark accreditation, boasting incredibly silent spin cycles at only 68 dB(A).

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