Whirlpool introduces new products with an innovative home experience

Whirlpool introduces new products with an innovative home experience

Constantly driving innovation to further consumers’ lives, Whirlpool has launched their new product range with a pop-up home experience like no other.

Attended by all media and press, as well as hundreds of consumers, ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ was an exclusive immersive, adventure into the remarkable and uncanny world of Mrs Jones.

From her hi-tech Whirlpool kitchen with a Wi-Fi connected fridge freezer, from which visitors sampled extra-special bottled raspberry cocktails, Mrs Jones directed her guests into another fridge freezer and down into a basement decorated with laundry and washing powder boxes. Climbing through a giant washing machine drum into an enormous dishwasher, guests appeared tiny against the supersized cutlery and plates, while enjoying macarons in the shape of dishwasher tablets.

An innovative and engaging experience, visitors were treated to inventive food and drink that was just as extraordinary as the walk-through experience, from tubes of gin toothpaste in the bathroom, to truffle-hunting canapes, accompanied by added sound effects, in the calming ZEN garden at the end of the experience.

Scattered around the extensive venue were many Whirlpool appliances, such as the Wi-Fi connected Supreme Care washing machine, which amazed guests with its extremely quiet spin, thanks to the ingenious ZENTechnology that ensures the quietest spin cycle on the market1. In the dishwasher room, Mrs Jones extolled the virtues of her Whirlpool PowerDry dishwasher that cleans and dries a full load, including plastics, in just one hour, and the kitchen featured a prototype version of Whirlpool’s newest innovation, the SmartCook induction hob, which will be launched onto the market soon.

Jennifer Taylor, Senior Brand Manager, Whirlpool, says: “Launching our new appliance ranges with an innovative pop-up event such as ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’, perfectly underscores the innovation that drives the Whirlpool brand. Our new premium market position is reinforced by exciting new product collections that are packed full of advanced features, with 6th Sense® technology, and now the even smarter 6th Sense Live® connected technology.  The Whirlpool brand offers a unique, intuitive experience to the user, sensing and adapting to every need, while keeping energy, water and time in check, and making life easier.”

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