GROHE Red: kitchen solutions

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GROHE Red defines a new cooking experience: kettle hot water available on demand, directly from the kitchen tap. A high-end kitchen solution to optimise kitchen tasks: saving time, resources and simplifying cooking. Offering technology that puts safety first: patented product design and globally recognised certified features ensure safe usage at all times.

The wait for a meal or warming drink to be ready can sometimes feel like an eternity. What if we could prepare a cosy hot tea, or a delicious bowl of pasta at the push of a button at any time? The future is here! GROHE, a  brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings has developed GROHE Red, a unique kitchen solution providing on-demand kettle hot
water in the exact amount needed, safely and directly from the kitchen tap. With GROHE Red, the brand offers its professional partners a high-end kitchen tap that provides tangible benefits for everyday life.

Optimised kitchen tasks for more convenience

“It usually takes around four to five minutes for a kettle to bring a litre of water to a boil, while boiling on a hob can take more than twice as long. At GROHE, it is our aim to create new opportunities to redefine kitchen taps and enhance them through functions that add real life value. That is why we developed the GROHE Red, a water system to skip the wait, making kettle hot water safely and instantly available with just the push of a button,” says Jonas Brennwald, Leader LIXIL EMENA, Co-CEO Grohe AG. “With this appliance, we offer our professional partners a real kitchen hero, making their customers’ day-to-day lives easier and more resourceful, saving them time for the things and people they love,” Brennwald continues. The slim design of the GROHE Red boiler means it can be placed conveniently under the sink to save space. It is made of titanium to ensure maximum durability as well as resistance to corrosion and
limescale. With GROHE Red, kettle hot water is available on demand while effectively saving resources, especially in comparison to heating water with an electric kettle or on a hob. By providing hot water in the exact amount needed, unnecessarily heated or surplus water is now a thing of the past. A particularly handy feature is the GROHE Red pot filler function, allowing a bigger pot to be filled with up to three litres of water at once. The GROHE Red boiler is available in two sizes: the medium size has a capacity of three litres, whilst the large provides 5.5 litres of kettle hot water. As there are no additional parts required, the installation of the GROHE Red is quick and hassle-free.

Technology that puts safety first
Conventional kettles can carry severe safety risks, especially for children as hot water splashes can escape from the spout causing scalds and burns. When customers choose GROHE Red, they can be sure of choosing safety first, GROHE Red’s childlock is certified by the globally recognised German TÜV, which confirms that the applicable safety requirements and quality standards have been met. In addition, GROHE Red’s patented aerator ensures a smooth stream of kettle hot water without splattering, minimising the risk of burns for those using the tap. The instantaneous cut-off function guarantees the hot water flow will immediately stop when the control button is released.

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