Virgin Media ultrafast broadband

Virgin Media ultrafast broadband

DOCSIS® 3 technology – the magic in our cables

With ultrafast broadband from Virgin Media, you get what you want, when you want it. That’s because we use a totally different type of cable with DOCSIS® 3 tech and run it right to your house. It’s not just faster, it’s more reliable too. So you are more likely to get the speed you signed up for. It’s all down to DOCSIS® 3 – the magic in our cables.

Our cables now deliver speeds up to 200Mbps. Eye watering.

If broadband could race… we’d win. You see, most other broadband providers use a copper phone line to reach your home, which over long distances drops its speed. But with us, the combination of DOCSIS 3 tech and our unique insulated cable, with a thicker copper core, retains our ultrafast signal so you can get more stuff done online faster. #Winning.

Tear jerking, thrilling, seat gripping entertainment

Great internet experiences can move you but only when your connection is truly great. That’s why we use a different type of cable than Sky and BT. It uses DOCSIS® 3 technology to deliver speeds up to 200Mbps. This is our next generation optical fibre. We call it VIVID™.

Juggle lots of devices’ needs with DOCSIS 3 technology

Our fantastic technology means you can see more, do more and have more fun. Stream videos in HD on YouTube, listen to your favourite tunes on Spotify and download game updates, all while the kids are watching On Demand in HD – all at the same time!