Red Dot Design Awards for Reginox

Red Dot Design Awards for Reginox

Reginox won two red dot product design awards this year. Made up of respected design experts, the jury awarded the highly coveted red dot awards to the recently introduced Nevada 18-30 and Texas tap-wing kitchen sinks.

Reginox is the Netherlands’ largest producer of stainless steel sinks. Located in the city of Rijssen, the company develops and manufactures more than 150 different models of kitchen sinks and washbasins. With ultra-modern machinery, Reginox produces more than 500,000 sink units per year for the domestic and international kitchen markets. Thanks to its constant innovation and responsible production practices, and with an eye for people and the environment, Reginox occupies a leading position in the global market.

‘We are extremely proud of the red dot awards for the Nevada and the Texas tap-wing. These awards are a major reward and recognition for all the hard work of our design team and production department,’ Wim ter Steege, General Director of Reginox, says. ‘It is the 10 mm radius what makes the Nevada and the Texas series so unique, and also of course that these sink units are made from brushed inox . The brushed stainless steel gives the units a trendy and luxurious look. Both sink units have a 10 mm radius, both vertically and horizontally. These fluid lines in combination with the polished stainless steel really makes them striking.’

The sleekly finished 10 mm corners make these sink units extremely easy to clean. The radius corners are also actually pressed into the sink unit, thus eliminating the need for weld seams. The square basket strainer together with the elegant design overflow create the perfect look for the entire Nevada and Texas kitchen sink series.

Gerrit Smit, Commercial Director at Reginox, emphasises the importance of design in relation to the company’s market position. ‘These red dot design awards are a fantastic statement for our brand. They symbolise recognition for the innovative design and the excellent value-for-money that Reginox offers. The high demand for both the new Nevada and Texas series is an indication that the products’ features are very well-received by our customers. These awards in combination with our Made in Holland campaign make it even more interesting for us to promote these sink units in both the domestic and international markets.’
Sought after worldwide: the red dot award
The red dot product design awards is one of the world’s most important design competitions, and has been organised by the North Rhine-Westphalia Design Centre since 1955. This year, some 1865 manufacturers from 54 countries competed for the awards, with 4662 product entries representing a variety of product disciplines.

The judging was entrusted to an international jury, consisting of respected design experts. They studied and tested the products, evaluating them on the basis of criteria such as the level of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, sustainability, environmental friendliness, and intuitive operation. Only those products that meet the highest design standards qualify for the much sought-after red dot.