Creating the kitchen ‘wow factor’ with quartz

Creating the kitchen ‘wow factor’ with quartz

While its the small touches like furniture and fittings that make a house a home, its the quality of your kitchen that really sets your property apart from any other. Here CRL stone talk us through the advantages of using Quartz to create that all important wow factor.

There is no doubt that kitchens sell houses, so the fixtures and fittings that developers choose to put in them are what will set them apart from the competition. Potential buyers are looking for a ‘wow factor’ moment when viewing, so what can house builders do to ensure they hit the mark?

While much focus is centred on kitchen furniture and appliances, just as important and influential in creating the desired effect is the work surface. As well as providing a practical surface on which to prepare food, worktops have a very big impact on the overall look and feel of the kitchen – particularly with regards to its perceived quality and value. Taking up such a large expanse of space, the eye is naturally drawn to the work surface and of course it is always on show, so it is important that it is chosen with both its looks and its practical advantages in mind. We know that potential house buyers spend the most amount of time in the kitchen in a showhome, so the choices in this room are incredibly important.

In terms of materials for kitchen worktops, laminate is often chosen for new builds, largely due to its cost, ease of installation and variety of colours. While these are all important qualities that house builders need to adhere to, it is not so easy to create that sense of ‘wow’ with laminate, particularly with it being commonly used.

One of its major disadvantages, in fact, is that scratches and chips are almost impossible to repair which can be a real turn-off for your purchaser. An alternative to laminate, which can be just as simple to fit, is quartz. Natural stone countertops such as quartz are even more durable than laminate and add a more sophisticated touch to the design, which is just what homebuyers are looking for in a crowded market.

With all the natural beauty of materials such as stone and marble, combined with superior durability and flexibility of design, quartz is ideal for kitchen worktops, splash backs and flooring. The engineered material is created by mixing natural quartz with polymer resins. The result is a low-maintenance, natural stone-look surface that is extraordinarily hard and resilient.

Scratch, heat and stain resistant, quartz does not need to be sealed, unlike with materials such as granite, and requires minimal maintenance. In fact, the non-porous surface makes cleaning simple, with soap and water or a mild detergent all that is needed. Resistant to mildew, and thus to mould and bacteria, quartz offers a hygienic solution for moist and humid surroundings such as the kitchen.

In a choice of thicknesses, quartz can be supplied is an extra-large slab format, which allows for greater consistency and value from a single slab.

The breadth of colour range with quartz is important too, as it enables house builders to respond to key trends in interior design and to co-ordinate with other fixtures and fittings, such as kitchen furniture, appliances and flooring.

Quartz isn’t just a good all-rounder, it is a material that will make homebuyers say ‘wow’.

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