Five fantastic reasons to invest in virtual reality

Five fantastic reasons to invest in virtual reality

Property developers and housebuilders rightly want to invest significant time and money getting the specification of a new build right, ensuring the design appeals to the property’s target market.

With this being said, virtual reality allows an unparalleled experience to be created for customers, while also helping to boost businesses thanks to a number of beneficial attributes.

Here Nathan Maclean, managing director of Virtual Worlds offers five reasons why virtual reality is key in the homebuilding industry:

  • Realistic 4D simulation – 4D virtual reality technology has become an invaluable tool for housebuilders. Users can physically experience being in their dream kitchen or bathroom by emulating how this looks exactly as it would if it was fitted in the room in question. Software such as Virtual Worlds’ 4D Theatre, also brings a level of spatial awareness and immersion like never before, freely allowing you to walk around that space via a specially-designed headset.
  • Fully interactive technology – Customers now seek as much detail as possible when purchasing a home. Using 4D CAD technology, which extends drawers and operational and functional fittings, means an accurate room representation can be offered.
  • Housebuilders can develop with confidence – Housebuilders and developers can have absolute confidence in planning their customers chosen specification and in turn, new homeowners have peace of mind their kitchen or bathroom design will work in the ‘real world’. Any aesthetic or spatial issues are highlighted with the likes of 4D Theatre software, instantly showing if something doesn’t look right.
  • A unique experience for customers – Customers are more likely to commit to a purchase if they’re offered an experience they can’t get anywhere else and customers can now take home a ‘Room in a box’. Using a specially-designed app on their phone and a Google Cardboard headset, they can view their design whenever they wish. This can be shared between friends and family, spreading your brand to a wider audience.
  • One system for every need – The all-inclusive 4D Theatre package gives customers the information they need at their fingertips. Need-to-know details, such as product information and pricing, are all stored in the Virtual Worlds cloud ready for use.

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