Choosing a roller door with or without a hood cover?

Choosing a roller door with or without a hood cover?

Beautiful garage doors play an important role in ensuring a great looking property…..but there is a lot more to a good garage door than its colour and design.

Modern roller doors especially are highly engineered products offering many options such as manual or remote operating systems. Leading garage door manufacturer Garador says that one of the most important aspects when choosing a garage door is to select a roller garage door with a hood.

Now Garador have put together an easy to read article on roller door hood covers for roller garage doors. The feature, published on their blog, explains all aspects of hood covers (or box covers as they are sometimes called); the benefits and possible downsides. It clearly explains the reasons why hood covers are rapidly becoming an essential in modern roller garage doors, and why Garador now only offers doors in its GaraRoll and GaraRoll Lite ranges with hood covers.

Before you make your final decision on a garage door, it is well worthwhile reading this article. Find out more about roller garage door hoods and the full range by visiting

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