10 tips for your home this winter

UK braces itself for a tough winter

 New predictions claim that we are set for a tough winter this year, with heaps of snow and below freezing temperatures – but don’t let that stop you enjoying the coming months. We’ve given you 10 simple steps below to get your home ready for winter. These tips with ensure your house is weather-proof, help to save you money on your bills and prepare your home for festivities, ensuring an all-round fabulous winter season!
1. Control your heating
Fitting a modern, programmable thermostat can save you up to £120* a year by allowing you to programme your heating to suit your lifestyle at the push of a button. If you haven’t already got a thermostat installed be sure to get one to keep your heating costs down this winter by visiting www.fitathermostat.com.

2. Protect your pipes
Keeping your heating on low at all times is essential prevent pipes from freezing and bursting this winter. Exposed outdoor pipes will need to be wrapped with insulating material which can be found at a low cost from your local hardware store.

3. Prepare for guests
Don’t be caught out by unexpected visitors during the festive season, get the spare room ready in advance to ensure all your visitors have a comfortable stay. To treat your guests to great night’s sleep visit www.hypnosbeds.com.

4. Make a hot water bottle
Ditch the electric blanket and use a hot water bottle instead – it’ll keep you warm in bed and will cost you less.

5. Light a fire
There’s nothing cosier than a warm winter fire. But if you’re worried about your carbon footprint why not check out biomass or wood burners as an eco-alternative.

6. Freshen up the house
We all want the house to look great for guests over the winter period so give the house a deep clean. For ingrained dirt www.rugdoctor.com offers a variety of home solutions for sparkling carpets and upholstery.


7. Clean your gutters
Your gutters will have become clogged with fallen leaves and debris during autumn, be sure to clear them in preparation for the winter rain and snow.

8. Insulate your home
Check your loft insulation is intact as it will keep your house nice and warm whilst reducing your heating costs by up to 25%. Or if your home is already well insulated, perhaps think about renewables, which will help lower your bills even further www.puragen.com.

9. Test your alarms
Open wood fires and home-cooked meals increase the risk of fire at this time of year. Be sure to test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for a safe winter season.

10. Create a homely atmosphere
On dark winter nights drawing the curtains and putting on low lighting will create a cosy atmosphere. A radio connect system can do this for you – it turns on the lights at the strength and time of your choice and even draws the curtains for you! To view models visit www.schneider-electric.com.

*The savings of up to £120 are based on a four bedroom, semi-detached house, using figures from TACMA (The Association of Controls Manufacturers).

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