5 Access Control Devices

Locksonline are a security retailers, hailing from the UK and have been in the business for over 15 years. Their MD Darrel Walters is a locksmith and has 25 years experience himself.

In this article, we are going to go over some access control devices for your home or business that would of been deemed futurism just a few years back. These devices maintain a nice balance between high security and convenience. We have a lot of enquirys as to the best type of locking solution in this catagory so we have compiled a list of what we think are some of the best.


GSM Switch

This nifty device is fitted onto front or back doors and has been developed and manufactered by Daitem/GM techtronics. It allows you to send a signal from your mobile phone to your door, essentially turning your phone into a house key. The texts and calls are free if you set it up correctly, and delays and numbers are programmable. RRP £125 + VAT

Wireless Door Intercom

Another Daitem product, this time its their wireless door intercom systems. They allow you to have up to 4 phones connected in one home or office and are able to send signals to lights and electronic door strikes with open and close or on/off signals. Giving you an excellent form of convinient access control as well as communcation between the intercoms. They also have a plethora of accessories that come with the kits, everything you need to get set up is in the box. RRP £444.30 + VAT


Electrical locks

We are going to take a look at the Yale Keyless Digital lock. Yale are known around the world for their locking solutions and their reputation speaks for itself. They were established in 1843 and have been innovating the security industry ever since. This model has a slick blue backlit keypad and is a battery powered keypad. It gives you three code options, family, friends and fake. Family codes are obviously given to family members, friends codes can then be changed without having to change members of the households codes. Fake codes are used when you might not want someone to enter your code. So for example if your passcode is 669966 you can type 5566996655 and will still have access. The codes themselves can be 6-12 digits, giving this model an even more secure functionality. This model is so secure that it is BS3621 insurance rated and has a 10,000 use life with each set of batterys. £109.49 + VAT


Mechanical combination locks

The top dog when it comes to this form of security is the KABA simplex mechanical combination lock. These robust locks are used in banks and hospitals. You can’t really find a more reliable form of mechanical security that this. If combined with 5 lever locks you will have a formiddable level of security. They have no electrical parts and everything is mechanical, so you dont have to worry about power or batterys. Installation has been made relatively simple and the overall ergonomic design and robust materials that have been used to make this security device make it highly recommended by us. RRP £209.95 + VAT


I hope this article has been informative to you. Access control devices can sometimes be confusing as there are quite a wide range of different types available. If you have any questions please direct them to enquires@locksonline.co.uk. We are also available to live chat and by phone on 08452300201.

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