A weekend update with Crown Paints

Experiment more with colour with earthy tones and soft, neutral shades

Calm and homely, this seasonal refresh is an ideal weekend project for those looking to transform small interior spaces by injecting an element of fun into studies, living rooms or dining rooms.

Perfect for providing a colourful backdrop for book cases, storage or sofas, we’re keen to see people experiment more with colour with earthy tones and soft, neutral shades.

Helping to define small areas, a stronger tonal shade on one wall, such as our Plant Pot® matt emulsion, can add depth and makes rooms look larger. Complimented by lighter shades, such as Antique Cream® or White Pepper®, adds softness and instantly refresh interiors.

To complete the look, keep woodwork natural and protected with a good quality Floor Oil, and coordinate shelving or skirting by painting them with a white or cream gloss – try Milk White® Non Drip Gloss or Crown’s Solo Satin in Stone White® or Solo Gloss in Ice Cream®.

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