AGA new technology

Total Control & iTotal Control

You can now have an AGA Total Control or iTotal Control wherever you live. They’re 100% AGA, but with added ease and convenience. In fact they are no more complicated to fit or live with than any other
100cm range cooker.

Traditionally, AGA cookers have needed to be vented externally – but that’s all changed with the introduction of a brand new model which vents directly into the kitchen.
If you live in a penthouse apartment, want an on-off AGA in an island unit, against an internal wall or even standing alone in the centre of a room, there is now an AGA for you. The possibilities are endless. This new development means we’ll be seeing far more AGA cookers in city homes and, as these new AGA cookers have on-off functionality, they are perfect for families who spend much of the day away from home.
In the past AGA cookers have been incompatible with cooker hoods, but that too has all changed. So for those who love the aesthetics of a hood, the perfect option is now available. Reassuringly, these new AGA cookers offer the same peerless cooking performance and classic good looks you would expect from AGA. And all AGA cookers, including these new models, use kind-to-food radiant heat to ensure AGA food really does taste better.

About AGA Total Control
With its simple to use touch-screen panel, you can choose which part of the cooker is on.
Heat can be sent to each oven and each hotplate separately. And – for the first time ever – here is an AGA cooker with an on/off switch.
The AGA iTotal Control has the same cast-iron good looks for which the classic AGA is famous and it offers the same intuitive cooking performance that sets the AGA range apart and makes it the cook’s choice.
From the exterior the AGA iTotal Control appears to be just the same as the AGA cooker we know and love. But open the door to the touch-screen control panel and it’s a whole new picture.
State-of-the-art technology allows you to programme your AGA to be on when you want to cook or off when you don’t. It allows you to use each hotplate and oven independently and it allows you to enjoy that indefinable ambient AGA warmth while managing the amount of energy used.

About AGA iTotal Control
The AGA iTotal Control cooker’s three ovens (roasting, baking and simmering) can be remotely operated – wherever you are in the world. You can sync your AGA at the touch of a button.
Those AGA iTotal Control owners who don’t have a smartphone, tablet or laptop can still take advantage of this technical revolution – simply by sending a text message to the AGA. The AGA can also be controlled via the web, so even if you have no phone signal you can use a wireless network to ensure the cooker is doing exactly what you want it to.


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