Amazing Trees and Hedges for New Builds

Practicality Brown Ltd have been established over 30 years

Practicality Brown Ltd have been established over 30 years and as one of the leading semi-mature tree nurseries in the UK, together with the addition of our unique Elveden Instant Hedge now available in 8 species and 35,000 linear metres in production, we continue to provide Property Developers and House Builders with a comprehensive range of products to enhance the saleability of high quality developments.

Feedback from our existing clients has proven that using larger plant material gives them the following advantages:

Ø Larger trees and hedges provide immediate impact and the impression of maturity, often absorbing the harsh lines of a new build

Ø Strategic screening of sight lines from existing or adjacent properties – offering privacy to your customers and their neighbours

Ø Our instant hedges provide aesthetic, acoustic and price advantages over brick walls

Ø Our specialist tree-moving equipment and services can allow you to re-locate existing trees, to fully utilise the development potential of your proposed projects. We have a fleet of machinery and tree spades to suit any site and the experience to move established trees up to 60cm girth.

Whether your requirement is for a single tree or an entire soft landscape package, our experienced staff can advise on tree and hedge selection. We can offer a supply only service, or a full installation service with guarantees and maintenance packages.

Please visit our website <> for further details, where short videos of our semi-mature trees and the Instant Hedge can also be viewed.

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