Aquatap – Instant hot water

For people on the go

 Heatrae Sadia’s stylish Aquatap introduces a new generation of drinking water for homeowners. Available in three models – boiling, boiling/chilled and boiling/ambient – Aquatap not only delivers a constant supply of boiling water, but can also provide refreshing, chilled drinking water; or filtered, ambient cold water when fed directly from the mains supply.

Having all our water needs on one tap makes our increasingly busy lifestyles a lot easier. From an energy-efficiency perspective, access to instant hot water also means no wasted energy when a kettle is boiled. (We are all familiar with being side-tracked and boiling the kettle around three times for one cup of tea!) Using filtered water also saves the money usually spent buying bottled. Aquatap also eliminates wasted water by only delivering the exact amount of water required and replacing it as it is used.

In a beautiful, sleek, chrome finish, the compact unit which sits neatly on your work-top, is a welcome-addition to any kitchen, while the five litre hot water and chilled water tanks fit into an under-sink cupboard with ease. The Aquatap has also been designed to the highest safety standards to stop curious little fingers from meddling. A ‘Safety’ button locks the unit when not in use, meaning no boiling water will flow from the Aquatap until it is released again. The taps are also securely mounted onto the work surface, so they can’t be knocked over.

The Aquatap retails from between £1,000 and £2,100 depending on model and is available by ringing 01603 420220 or visiting

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