Beautiful Designs , Naturally

Beautiful Designs , Naturally

Granite is an igneous rock formed 750 million to three billion years ago when molten magma cooled in the earth’s crust. It is a totally natural
product, which is quarried, cut to size and polished ready to be fitted in your kitchen. Custom worktop manufacturer, Diapol selects the best granite from quarries all over the world to provide an extensive selection of fascinating natural colours.

Beauty is granite’s biggest selling point. Man-made materials cannot match the unique colour, character and beauty that granite produces. It is also durable and could last even longer than the house into which it is fitted. It is also entirely natural. Diapol aims to compliment these innate benefits with accurate fitting and exceptional prices. Speed of delivery is also a factor, with complete fitting within two weeks
of templating.

To help achieve these goals, customers can access Diapol’s custom manufacturing service on-line. The company’s website provides private clients with information about its services and with help to calculate the price of a worktop and place an order. Customers can choose from
different attractive materials and calculate the price on-line using a templater to show actual granite samples, so customers can make their final choice of stone in their own kitchen.

With service coverage in most parts of the UK, Diapol holds a large stock of selected granites to provide customers with optimum choice. Over 1500m² of granite slabs are currently held in stock. Once the final selection has been made, worktops are manufactured in the company’s Estonian production facility, which boasts trained and experienced technicians and the latest machinery to ensure high quality standards. Estonia’s transport connections to the UK via sea, enable Diapol to offer complete fitting within two weeks of templating. The company’s on-line ordering form also enables customers to buy direct from the manufacturer, giving access to the kind of low pricing which has so far been available only to kitchen furniture showrooms who buy in bulk. 020 8144 4650/020 3286 0561

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