Bringing the supply of both boiling and hot water to a new level

Bringing the supply of both boiling and hot water to a new level

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New kitchen appliances are often originally only installed by the few who can afford to consider purchasing what are considered to be luxury items. Over time many of these products become recognised as standard fittings in most modern kitchens. This transition from a niche “nice to have” product to something which is seen as a practical necessity, is a common market development curve for new technologies.


Nothing demonstrates this more than the microwave oven. From early microwaves that were originally considered by some to be a gimmick and too expensive, to today where every kitchen has one .They have truly become a recognised mass market “essential”. At Itho we believe that in future the same will be said about ‘’on tap’’ boiling water.


As with the early microwaves, boiling water taps have had their critics. They complain that the heaters normally take up almost an entire base unit, thereby losing valuable storage space. They also point out that many products do not produce water at 100°C (so they do not produce an ideal temperature for a good cup of tea).They are also quick to declare these products as “just an expensive kettle”, especially when you take into account the extra plumbing and inconvenience caused by having a boiling water tap installed away from the existing sink unit. Understanding all of these negative comments and combining this with Itho’s ethos of developing quality products that people want, at a price they can afford, resulted in the introduction of our revolutionary range of “3-in-1” H2O taps.


The popular 5 litre “3-in-1” H2OTAP is perfect for the home and answers all of the problems normally associated with the installation of boiling water taps in new and existing kitchens. It is practical, space saving and eliminates clutter on the work top.


The days of the traditional kettle, holding unused boiled water, with a trailing cable for an inquisitive child to pull over and scald themselves are now confined to history. All of Itho‘s boiling water products deliver water at 100°C thereby ensuring the ideal temperature at the tap for a perfect cup of tea. The “3-in-1” design principle delivers hot, cold and filtered boiling water from one monobloc sink mixer, meaning you only need a single tap hole and no separate waste or sink is required. In addition the electric heater is designed to fit behind the plinth within the kick space under a conventional sink base unit.


This unique slim line design for the water heater, coupled with the innovative “3-in-1” monobloc mixer, makes the Itho H2O Tap ideal for either new or existing kitchens. The product is supplied complete with a filter and pressure relief valve as standard. Safety is our highest priority; the H2O Tap is equipped with a child friendly safety feature which uses a recoil spring in the push-turn button of the boiling water valve. This patented feature has the advantage that unintentional or unguarded use of the boiling tap is prevented. In addition the spout for the mixer tap also incorporates a “tube-in-tube” design which completely separates the boiling water flow from both the hot and cold water outlets. Meaning that the tap is cool to the touch at all times.


There are two elegant tap designs available to choose from. The swan necked Dolce or the square Gusto monobloc mixers are available in either chrome or brushed stainless steel finish.


So the Itho “3-in-1” H2O Tap offers – No loss of cupboard space, no need for a separate sink or waste pipe, lower installation costs, excellent performance, designed-in safety devices and all supported by a 5 year warranty on the boiler and 2 year warranty on other parts. We believe this combination of features and benefits could finally see boiling water taps develop into the next “must have” product in domestic kitchens. New to the range, but proving to be just as successful, is the 10 litre H2OTap+ bringing the supply of both boiling and hot water to a new level. The H2OTap+ is designed to deliver up to 7.5 litre of 100

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