Burlington gets an angle on traditional design

An ingenious idea from Burlington Bathrooms

Installing a traditional high level WC when access to the soil pipe is near a window can be a planning conundrum. 

Positioning a WC too far from the soil pipe causes flushing problems so the rule is the closer the better. By using an angled pipe, the pan itself can be placed on the window wall where the soil pipe is usually situated while the high level cistern is on an adjacent wall.

High level pans remain a popular choice in traditional bathrooms or cloakrooms adding that authentic air that many owners of period homes prefer. Burlington Bathrooms is the leading supplier of traditional styled bathrooms that bring authenticity and modernity together. 

The Burlington P2 pan  is a classic shape with a mahogany seat. Whilst the cistern is based on an original design – it does not suffer the condensation and dripping problems that used to be common with period cast iron cisterns as it is made in ceramic material. The four-piece angled pipe that takes the water from the cistern to the pan is brass finished in polished chrome and can be trimmed to produce the perfect design around a window, piece of furniture or mirror.


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