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Bigger performance from a smaller exchanger

Alfa Laval has introduced he latest model in what it refers to as a new generation of brazed heat exchanger for HVAC and refrigeration duties that are smaller, lighter and yet more thermally efficient than their predecessors.

The CB30 is light and more compact thanks to new production techniques and its higher thermal efficiency is complemented by its ability to accomodate a lower pressure drop which, in turn, reduces power consumption. The CB30 is ideal for heating and cooling duties in HVAC, refrigeration, industrial applications and for oil cooling and will work at flow rates of up to 14.53/h.

In common with other models in the CB range, the CB30 consists of a number of corrugated stainless steel plates stacked on top of each other to form channels for the passage of two liquids, generally in full counter-current flow. End plates complete the plate pack which is then brazed at contact points to form a rugged and gasket-free exchanger offering high levels of thermal efficiency and excellent resistance to pressure and temperature.

The CB30 can be supplied in standard format ex-stock or can be supplied with different internal plate configurations; enabling it to be tailored precisely to a wide range of heating and cooling applications with no need for over-engineering.

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