Choosing the right Garage door

How much maintenance are you willing to undertake?
For many, there’s no substitute for a timber garage door, however as maintenance is a factor with real timber doors, it is worth considering a timber-effect aluminium door.
Garador’s foil-coated timber-effect finish makes it possible to achieve the natural appearance of timber whilst retaining the cost and maintenance advantages of a steel door. A maintenance-free garage door is also particularly popular through the cold winter months.


Is home-security particularly important?
Although the garage door is the largest entrance system to the house, it is often overlooked when ensuring a property is secure. A garage also often houses expensive vehicles, tools, bikes and other valuable belongings.
This ‘Secured by Design’ flagship initiative from the UK police, is supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’ and Garador is proud to be the only manufacturer of Garage Doors that meet the standard.
Garador’s Guardian Range, has undergone rigorous tests which are mandatory to assure they will prevent forced entry and will keep your property 100% secure.


Would you like it to complement your front door?
The garage door is often a large visual aspect of a property, but can be easily overlooked when it comes to style. As a large contribution to the appearance of a house, choosing a stylish garage door design can make a huge difference when it comes to improving the curb appeal of any property.
The Design Range from Garador has been developed to suit most styles of property, with the option to install a matching front door from the FrontGuard range.


Short on drive-space?
With typical Up and Over garage doors, cars cannot be parked close to the garage, as this will not allow room for the door to open. This can mean a considerable amount of space is lost on the drive and can be a real issue when parking a second vehicle on a driveway.
With Garador’s Sectional Garage Doors, the panels retract separately, allowing for smooth operation both manually and electrically. This also means the door does not overhang and allows for close parking both inside and out.

Looking for convenience?
Electric door operators are extremely convenient and can also add a touch of luxury to any home.
With a hand-held transmitter, a simple point-and-click motion from inside the car will allow easy access to the garage, avoiding the need to endure wind and rain.
Garador is proud to be launching its latest handheld operator this year, offering a more stylish solution for operating automatic garage doors. The modern, sleek design of the remote is not only aesthetically pleasing, but the advanced technology makes the device much more secure as well.

Is energy efficiency a factor?
As the largest entrance system to a property, the garage door can also be a major contributor to heat loss. This can lead to high energy bills, but can be easily avoided by installing a thermally-insulted garage door.
A number of doors in the Garador range are available in a Premium option, offering a higher level of thermal insulation. Each double-skin steel section of the Premium garage doors is evenly filled with insulation foam, helping to prevent heat escaping from the property.

How much space do you have in the garage?
Up and Over garage doors or traditional retractable doors take up head room in any garage. If you are short of space, consider an automatic roller door as this option simply rolls away and takes up the least room of any garage door.
Quick and easy to install, a roller garage door, made up from a number of horizontal panels, simply retracts into a convenient roll above the entrance of the garage at the click of a handheld transmitter. This leaves the rest of the inside of the garage free and maximises head room.


Do you have a particularly wide vehicle?
Often, the spring-based opening mechanism of a garage door can be an issue for larger vehicles.
To avoid having to tuck in wing-mirrors when parking a wide vehicle inside the garage, Garador has developed the perfect solution. The Retractable Plus garage door offers specially designed lifting arms including bottom spring brackets for narrow openings which allow for maximum use of the clear passage.


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