Coram Showers

Investment of over £1 Million

Establishing further brand credibility in difficult economic times with actions not words, is the raison-d’être of British shower enclosure manufacturer Coram. The latest initiative by the company is in the purchase of its new manufacturing capabilities which come in the form of 2 new SMC Press’s, located on-site at Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

With each SMC Press being able to cope with different capacities; 1200 tonne and 200 tonne – means that Coram can efficiently undertake different tasks as well as continue to look to the future and grow its facilities.

This new strategy will greatly increase productivity, which is imperative following Coram’s recent improvements and re-launch of products from its comprehensive portfolio earlier this year. Even though the tooling and setup cost for each SMC Press is expensive, the speed and accuracy of the finished product will counteract this outlay.

Coram is confident that with this latest development, it will start to produce the Impey EasyFit Wetroom Floor Formers from its sister brand Impey Showers, in a rapid 5 minute cycle and state that its primary focus will be that of strength and quality.

Coram Showers has a total commitment to investment from factory floor through to marketing, ensuring that it maintains the huge brand loyalty it has built over the years. This can be justified by the fact that more than 50% of its trade, year on year is repeat business.


Why invest?
Productivity: Coram can now boast new manufacturing capabilities, resulting in 24/7 production.

Reliability: By keeping all manufacturing in-house, Coram provides assurance to the end user, further establishing its ‘Britain made’ stamp of approval.

Commercial: Allowing production of both Coram and Impey’s wetroom floor formers and other solutions – minimising cost and labour, increasing turnover and maximising profit.

Innovation: To supply the demand for the latest showertray/floor former designs, guaranteeing high quality and value for money.

Development: Coram looks to the future with its plan to be a key manufacturing resource to other like companies reinforcing the Coram’s ‘factory’ status.

Managing Director, Peter Dimeloe says “For Coram Showers to remain buoyant in such turbulent financial times is not down to luck, it has been born out of the fact that we continue to invest in all areas of our business including product design, better materials, marketing and of course people; our skilled and dedicated staff who make it all happen. However, you cannot overlook technology and our ongoing investment in this area, which includes the new SMC Press that I believe, will guarantee our long term well-being.”

Coram Showers is the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of shower enclosures, showertrays and bathscreens for professional and non-professional installation. Designed and built in Britain, Coram enclosures are the fastest and easiest to fit, becoming the known choice for merchants, specifiers and professional installers.

Dedicated to producing an extensive, high performance range, Coram presents nothing but state–of-the-art design and engineering, all developed in Britain.

Coram Showers Ltd. Tel: 01746 766466 or visit


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