Denon AVR3311


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The high level AVR3311 has networking / multizone features worth highlighting…

The high level AVR3311 has networking / multizone features worth highlighting… DLNA was introduced to give networkable products a standard that manufacturers could work with and reinforced the system’s ability to work seamlessly. On top of this we’ve seen various networking products acquiring desirable functionality previously only seen in on computers. In this case the AVR3311 reveals support for, flickr, Rhapsody and Napster, expanding the audio system in a big way. There are 3 zones of audio (2 for video) available and party mode allows music to be played across all zones simultaneously. The AVR3311 can power 7 channels @ 165W.

There are 6 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs. Both outputs display identical video signals, which is especially useful for a cinema with TV + projector combination, where the best quality is required for both displays.

The AVR-3311 A/V receiver, with HDMI version 1.4a, can be connected to a TV and other video devices that support 3D video. This receiver supports not only Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio and other HD Audio formats but also Audyssey DSX for a wide, highly realistic spatial expression at the left and right sides as well as the vertical and horizontal directions at the front, allowing you to experience a truly rich 3D ambience of video and sound. The AVR-3311 is also equipped with network functions that let you enjoy a variety of on-line content, making this A/V receiver not only the heart of a home theatre but also the centre of how, at any time, you can enjoy your favourite music at home.

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