Dimplex presents Quantum, the world’s most advanced electric space and water heating management system, which is up to 25 per cent cheaper to run than comparable static storage heaters, and can be used in conjunction with the latest renewable energy sources.

Known as smart electric thermal storage (SETS), the Dimplex Quantum heating system is incredibly advanced, offering the consumer exceptionally low running costs while still being highly controllable and reliable. It works seamlessly with the electric grid, using off-peak tariffs whenever possible to minimise user costs and maximise efficiency. Not only that, but, it could help the UK and Europe as they continue their transition to a low-carbon energy system.

Developed in-house, by Dimplex heating experts, and manufactured in its factory in Northern Ireland, Quantum can store energy from low-cost, low-carbon renewable sources, such as wind turbines, during times of low demand, turning it into cheap, efficient heat when it is needed.

The Quantum heating system is comprised of three parts, which combine together to create a complete solution, using 20 per cent less energy than comparable storage heaters. The first part is the Quantum room heater, an attractive, state of the art space heater with a compact design that uses off-peak tariffs to ensure low running costs on a room-by-room basis it is expected that 97 per cent of the heating requirement will be met by off-peak energy.

This heater automatically adjusts to the user’s needs through its dynamic storage capacity, precisely matching the consumer’s requirements. The heater has fan-assisted output for extremely rapid heat-up time, while the boost element ensures heat is always available even in the case of unexpected demand. It can be controlled via an easy-to-use electronic user interface, which also provides precise feedback.

The second part of this unique heating system is the Quantum cylinder, a class leading and intuitive smart energy storage water vessel. The cylinder delivers a long-life, low-maintenance, economical supply of mains pressure hot water. Available in a choice of eight sizes, from 75 to 300 litres, the cylinder is manufactured from robust stainless steel and comes with a reassuring 25 year warranty. It boasts advanced controls that give feedback on hot water availability – ensuring no surprise cold showers!

Finally, the system is completed by the Quantum Hub, an optional system manager which facilitates two-way communication between the Quantum appliances and the energy supply company. Completely automated and pre-set, there is no need for user input. The Hub uses future-proofed technology to ensure the Quantum system can support upcoming changes in energy supply, enabling the heating and hot water units to be connected to one permanently live electric circuit.

A survey by Dimplex and SSE* found that if the EU-27** replaced all of the current installed base of night storage heaters, smart electric thermal storage could provide 54GW of controllable demand by 2015, potentially saving up to three mega-tons of CO2 emissions per year. In the UK alone, SETS has the potential to create 13GW of storage capacity by 2050, equivalent to 12 per cent of the country’s total installed capacity. It means that the 6.5million storage heaters in the UK have 3.5 times the energy storage capacity of all the pumped hydroelectric power stations in the UK.

Chris Stammers, Marketing Director, for Dimplex Installed Products, says: “Winter now seems to last longer than ever before, and this, with the rising cost of energy bills, places considerable pressure on the consumer.

“This means that a low cost heating system is crucial, particularly one which can be used for years to come with renewable energy sources. Dimplex Quantum is an outstanding system which offers the consumer unparalleled benefits – it features truly advanced technology that can not only positively impact on the consumer, but also the environment too.”

For more information about the Dimplex Quantum heating system call 0844 879 3588 or visit the website at www.dimplex.co.uk

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