Don you think it is time the government steps in and does something a

Don you think it is time the government steps in and does something about the oil industry

There is a glut of crude oil on the market, even with the OPEC cutbacks. The price of oil is at a low – the last time oil was this low was in 2003, when the price of gas w replica watches as about $1.50/gallon. But oil companies are restricting production so they can keep the prices inflated. Isn’t it time for the government to enact widfall profits on the oil companies? And more regulation, like other monopolistic utilities? With record numbers of people out of work, it’s not moral to have record profits from the oil companies, as if it ever was.

Only since politicians have gotten the sheep to follow the pack, have oil execs been the latest target. While that has bee replica watches n going on – Right in front of the same “moral shapers” of the world, Drug Company execs have been making as much, if not more than oil execs, but the sheep haven’t caught on yet.

Why all the “medical enhancements”, medicare, healthcare, a free medical insurance card for everyone, etc. etc. — Wise up folks – The Drug Companies (with the help of politicians, and do-gooders who support them) are going to make the Oil industry look like small potatoes.

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